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May 21

Great Weekend!

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I had a great weekend performing at my regular restaurant gigs Wow Cafe and Wingery in Warner Robins, GA and Applebees off Riverside Dr in Macon, GA.  The new card tricks is definitely a mind blower and works very well!  Customers at the restaurant really enjoyed the trick.  I hope some of you were able to watch some video footage from my last blog post which had a link to the Youtube video.  Today was a cool, awesome, relaxing slow day where I spent time with my family.  I hope my readers had a great weekend like I did!

May 19

New Trick Performed At Wow Cafe in Warner Robins

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I have been practicing a new card trick and performed it at Wow Cafe in Warner Robins, GA.  Basically, this trick is where one person freely selects a card from the deck of regular bicycle cards and another person thinks of any number between 1 -52 and names that number out loud for everybody to hear.  He is then asked to examine the blue deck to be sure it is a regular deck of cards which it is and then to deal the number of cards equal to the number he thought of.  The last card proves to match the freely chosen card that the first spectator selected and also matches a single card that a magician had in the envelope from the very beginning of the trick.  Here is the Youtube link to the video:  Atlanta Magician

May 11

Laptop Down and Practicing New Magic Tricks

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Since my laptop died (having it repaired right now) I have been having to rely on my desktop.  I plan to be back up tweeting on Twitter as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I have been practicing some new and really cool magic tricks.  I look forward to performing them tomorrow and Saturday at my restaurant gigs.  I’ve also been posting on The Magic Cafe and really enjoying some of the discussions I have had with my fellow magicians.   It’s a great place to visit if you are a magician.   Another thing I have been doing is marketing my business more and it’s a great joy owning and running your own business.  It’s more work owning but it’s also more fun and rewarding in so many different ways, plus I am doing what I love to do which is entertain through the art of magic.  Anyway, it’s late and time for me to end this rather short blog post.  I hope everybody has an awesome Friday and an awesome weekend!

May 10

The Art of Magic and the Sciences

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Magic is considered as nothing more than just entertainment by many people.  However, those who have studied some of the actual history of the Art of Magic know that it is the foundation of almost all knowledge.   The art of magic’s historical significance cannot be simply dismissed as mere entertainment.   It is important to understand that though today the art of magic is an entertainment art it is also the root of some of our modern great sciences.  The art of magic has relation to astronomy, chemistry and pharmacy.

Astrology for example, is the foundation of modern astronomy.   People in more historical times who practiced astrology worshiped the celestial bodies and attributed to them magical powers.   Astrology classified the whole world into divisions which were supposedly under the influence of planets.  The human body, animals, plants, metals and different nations were considered under the influence of certain planets.  This began to develop into what is known as astrology where planetary systems were believed to have magical powers.   From astrology grew the science of astronomy which dispelled the notion that planets had magical powers.

Astrology was the foundation for alchemy, which in turn was the foundation of chemistry.  Astrology believed that the metals formed under the magical influence of various planets.  Alchemy was focused on discovering the properties of matter but was also bound up in magic.  Alchemy’s magical beliefs were also disproven as it grew into the science of chemistry.

Pharmacology was also an outgrowth of chemistry and medicine.  With the development of chemistry from alchemy, pharmacology was born, allied with medicine and had a scientific basis.  Medicine in ancient times was practiced by magicians such as shamans to help heal people, but as time progressed into modern times, it too had a scientific basis and was freed from the beliefs in magic.

So, we can see from the examples above that many of the sciences had it’s historical root and foundation in the art of magic.  It’s amazing how the unexplainable of those times were explained with magical beliefs and as time and understanding progressed, such magical beliefs were dispelled.  I hope this blog post gives my readers a much deeper appreciation for the art of magic and it’s historical significance.


Sources:  Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 1 p.38-42

May 06

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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I just wanted to take the time and wish everybody a Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Well, it seemed that there were a few businesses celebrating the holiday here in my hometown so I might as well write a blog post wishing a Happy Cinco De Mayo.  Personally, I don’t know much about the history of Cinco De Mayo besides what I read on wikipedia.  But it’s a great excuse to kick back, have a drink of wine, relax and have a good time.   Time for me to split and get a drink of my favorite red wine!

May 05

Cool Pics From Wow Cafe and Wingery

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Hey!  I just got back from my gig and I had an absolute blast!  Man, I am telling you, for people who have not gone to Wow Cafe and Wingery in Warner Robins, GA, you are really missing out!  The place was packed, people were having a great time, watching sports, having a few drinks, eating some great food and watching me perform some magic.  I had an opportunity to snap a few pictures with some of the customers and it was great fun performing for them:


Apr 22

One of the Things that the Art of Magic Teaches

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“Knowing that knowing is the unknowable is true perfection.”  -Chuang Tzu.

I think the Taoist Chuang pretty much summed up one of things that the art of magic teaches all of us (that is when the art of magic is well practiced and performed correctly).  Knowing that knowing is unknowable is true perfection.  I am not bragging but making an observation from my past gigs performing; but I have seen some curmudgeons who have lived life a long time, old and crusty, tough, experienced, hard to impress, have seen it all and thought that they could see through just about anything and yet, in the end, they too had learned the same conclusion as Chuang Tzu.  That’s one of the things that I really enjoy about the art of magic is that it fools me all the time and I love it.  Even when I master new tricks and principles in the art of magic, it is always teaching me something new and there are always new tricks that come out that just totally and completely fool me.