Jan 04

Working Day Doing Script Writing

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Having A Good Working Day Doing Some Serious Script Writing

I have had a hard working day today so I am ready to unwind and just relax a little bit! The alarm clock went up off early this morning to wake me up so I got to work! The computer was working overtime with me typing out and revising about 13 pages of strolling magic script to get ready for the trade show! The parlor magic show still needs to be complete so still have plenty of work. In the meantime, at least for the rest of the day, I need to unwind. I found this website that talks about ways to unwind: Ways To Unwind.

working day

My day has not been bad at all just. I just had to get some serious script writing done today in order to get something accomplished. I work for myself so I don’t have the drama that some people might have at the work place. It’s all about your attitude though and keeping a good attitude and being positive. My favorite way to unwind from a long day at work is talking to people. I am a people person and just love hanging out and talking to folks!

Other Favorite Unwinding Exercises

I also like to go for a walk to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. It’s always beautiful and a gift to be alive and be able to enjoy fresh air. I think it’s important to appreciate what mother nature and the outdoors has to offer. The neighborhood is also very beautiful to see and enjoy while on a walk. Sometimes I will see a few of my friends while walking and talk with them.

Watching TV or playing video games is another favorite past time of mine to unwind. I especially like to watch Netflix because all the choices you have for shows. Netflix also has a great selection of documentaries to watch. Documentaries are my favorite type of shows to watch because you always learn something new. I have always had the joy and love of learning. I think that is one of the most important joys you can instill in people is the joy of learning.

Jan 03

New Magic Tricks Came In Mail

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Ordered New Magic Tricks That Came In The Mail

I got in the mail today some new magic tricks that I ordered for an upcoming trade show. One of the tricks is the peanut butter and jelly trick because it’s great for parlor and children’s shows. Another great magic trick I got was a mind reading trick due to the fact is easily customizable. Adults at trade shows seem to enjoy mentalism magic tricks not to mention they are great for selling company services or products. I am looking forward to working with this new mentalism trick and having some fun! Here is a website which gives a few tips for choosing strolling close up magic tricks: Choosing Magic Tricks.

New Magic Tricks

It has been stressful these past few days because it is a new year. Seems like every new year in my business is very stressful. I always look forward to having both of the months of December and January completely finished so I can relax. Their are many expenses which hit my business in December and January, plus personal expenses for insurance.

Money Tricks, Trade Shows And January

In addition to having a lot of expenses in December and January I also have a trade show this month. So, that could possibly be another expense I have to deal with. I hope to also learn a new money changing trick as well to use in trade shows called Hundy 500. I might go ahead and learn a slight modification of the trick in order to make it better.

Tonight, I will be spending a great deal of time writing a script for strolling magic and a parlor show. This should be fun but also a great deal of writing. No big deal as no magician is great unless they have a good script. It’s like any great play or movie, the actors or actresses got have a great script! It is no different for a magician either.

Jan 02

Script Writing For Magic Trade Show Gig

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I Will Be Doing Some Script Writing Today

I have discovered that a magician must write a script to be great at his profession. It is thus very important for the magician to be good at script writing. I am personally not very good at script writing but I have written them in the past for trade shows. A magician who puts together a script can have a lot of fun doing it. It’s probably a lot of fun to do various different themes when writing. The famous magician, Jeff McBride, who is a master at his craft, offers some great tips on his website: Tips For Magicians

script writing

I like Jeff McBride’s tip from his teach Eugene Burger when first starting out with a script for a magic trick. This can also apply to when you use it for trade show magic. Script writing is a lot of work as I have discovered from my last trade show but I sure was glad I did it! My last trade show was a tremendous success due to the script I wrote! I will take Eugene Burger’s advice and perform some magic tricks for my new trade show and script it out. This will make it a great beginning to develop and work on!

Books And Other Ideas

The book “Scripting Magic” by Pete McCabe seems to teach great techniques. I am going to buy this book to better my script writing ability so that I can be more effective. One of the important things I will need to do in my lifetime is attend Jeff McBride’s school. He is a true master artist and I can only become better by learning from him. I am sure I will have to pay for hotel room in addition to the course but I think it will be worth it. Here is a link to his magic school website: Jeff McBride’s School Of Magic.

Jan 01

Rainy New Years Day Right Now

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Rainy New Years Day With A Downpour

It is a rainy New Years Day right now so it’s wet outside. I plan to play some video games today most likely Battlefield 1 and Witcher 3. I highly recommend both games as well as Titanfall 2 due to the play ability. Another idea for an activity on a rainy day is playing a board game. I might go ahead and give my brother in law a call and see if I can stop by for a game. I found this list which offers things to do on a rainy day: Things To Do On A Rainy Day. My favorite out of this list is a home cooked meal along with board games with family.

Rainy New Years Day

I haven’t played a board game in a long time and would certainly love to do so. One game I would really like to get on playing is Conquest of Nerath. You can play the short, medium and long version of the game so it’s flexible. I would really like to play the long game. My brother in law and I have played the short and medium game and it was fun. However, I think the best version to play is the long game in order to get the full experience. The game gets far more interesting in the long version because it gets more in depth.

Pinaninis Is Something I Would Like To Cook

We got a pinanini cooker for a Christmas present this year so I plan to make one. I don’t know if the cooker is any good or not but I am going to find out. A pinanini sandwich with oregano, pesto, provolone and American cheese with thin sliced turkey cold meat might be a good sandwich. I’ll find out soon enough today when I cook one up. Should be interesting and fun!

Dec 31

Motivation Is Very Important For Goals

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Motivation Is Extremely Important Towards Goal Completion

One of the big keys in goal setting is motivation because it assures commitment. One of the important things I do is list the reasons why I am attempting to complete a goal so that I stay motivated. I do this exercise once a week so that I remind myself why I am doing it. Edwin Locke came up with a theory that is somewhat similar to what I am doing: Goal Setting Theory.


Edwin Locke’s theory seems to describe incentives but those incentives don’t have to involve money. Some of the reasons for my motivation towards goals does not involve money at all. Other goals that I have do involve money in that it helps make my life more worry free. One of the goals I have is to go to Vermont so that I can visit with family and vacation. Relaxation and “getting away” is a big motivator for that particular goal.

Other Interesting Stuff On Website

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Model is another interesting subject that is on the website because it can help break down motivation factors. I can look at Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Model and understand some of my past behaviors. For example, I have kicked some people out of my life due to a lack or respect because we all need respect from others.

So, it makes sense to kick people out of your life who do not seem to respect you. That being said, you also need to respect yourself too though! Which I do! Just some people do not respect others because they do not respect themselves. You can’t have respect for others unless you first respect yourself. You will also tolerate disrespect from others and not kick them out of your life when you don’t respect yourself. The website has boatloads of information and is a valuable resource.

Dec 30

New Year Performances Starting Today

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

My New Year Performances Starting Today

I will be in John’s Creek today performing for some elderly folks as part of my New Year performances. I enjoy performing for the elderly because they seem to enjoy life. Elderly people probably enjoy life more because they realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed. I am not sure what I will be doing on New Year’s Day but I will probably be working. Here are some ideas as to what you can do for the New Year’s Holiday: Things To Do Over Holiday.

New Year Performances

I have also had to purchase some new magic tricks which I will be using in magic shows. Parlor magic shows can use the peanut butter and jelly magic trick I got because it is not too big or small. I also purchased a great mind reading trick which I am going to put to good use. These magic tricks are ideal for trade shows.

Looking Forward To The Year 2017

I am really looking forward to the year 2017 because I have some great goals to work toward. One of the goals I working toward is visiting Vermont this year with my wife. May and I would like to go to Vermont because she wants to attend her 30 year class reunion. I look forward to meeting her fellow classmates from long ago.

We also want to visit with out son, step son who lives in Vermont. I will probably see about playing a few board games against him. Last time we saw James (my step son) was near the beginning of 2015 and we played Conquest of Nerath which is a great board game. I will see about getting him to play another board game when I visit him this year.

Another goal I have is working more trade shows. I have the sound equipment necessary to do so that helps tremendously. It is an expense I have already paid for and is out of the way. So, it will not be cutting into the profits of my company. Anyway, time for me to end this blog post here as I have a busy day ahead of me!

Dec 29

Glory Is One Of My Favorite Movies

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

The Movie Glory Is One Of My Favorite Civil War Movies

“Glory” is one of my favorite movies about the American Civil War because it’s about an African American regiment. This particular regiment was the 54th Massachusetts and was a regiment that was genuinely fighting for freedom. Some of it’s members were former slaves who joined to fight against the Confederacy. I think these guys were fighting with true heart. You can read more about the 54th Massachusetts Regiment here: 54th Massachusetts Regiment.


The governor of Massachusetts at the time called for volunteers so many of them came from New York, Ohio and Indiana. Some of the volunteers even had father and son both volunteering to go fight. Wow! Must have been something else back then in those times, you know it? I imagine combat back in those times of civil war was much more personal and up close.

Some of the Regiment’s History

The movie won three academy awards because it was well deserved. Frederick Douglas also had two of his sons fighting in the regiment. I wonder if his sons survived the war? I looked up the history of Frederick Douglas and he was one awesome dude. Not only did he agitate for racial equality but also for women’s rights! His eldest son, Lewis Henry Douglas fought in several battles with the 54th Massachusetts including on James Island, Olustee, and Fort Wagner.

The assault on Fort Wagner was pretty brutal and I know the 54th suffered a lot of casualties from historical records. Lewis Douglas survived the war and was discharged from the Union Army due to a medical disability. Frederick Douglas’s sons all survived the war it seems. His eldest son, Lewis saw a lot of combat and so was in danger during his time in service. It is fair to say that Lewis and his father Frederick did their fair share of sacrificing for the good of this country.

Dec 28

2016 Saw A Lot of Famous People Pass Away

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Seems Like In 2016 We Had A Lot of Famous People Pass Away

This year 2016 claimed a lot of celebrity lives in that many have passed away. The latest to pass away was Carrie Fisher due to a heart attack. However, this year has a long list of celebrities that we lost: Celebrities We Lost. George Michaels was another big loss as I remember him when I was a kid in the 1980s. Losing some of these famous celebrities from my childhood brought me back to my wonderful childhood. The 1980s were a wonderful time for me and music was really awesome!


I remember George Michaels from the 1980s and watching him on MTV. My babysitter at the time really enjoyed his music video “I Want Your Sex.” It was a great song and the video was awesome too! Gene Wilder was also another big loss for this year too due to the fact he was a great actor.

Other Famous People

Nancy Reagan was another big loss too because she was a former First Lady. I remember Ronald and Nancy Reagan from the 1980s as if it was yesterday and now they are both gone. That’s just crazy! Very few things stay the same it seems. I think it is important to enjoy as much of life as possible today because their is no guarantee you will be here tomorrow.

Merle Haggard was a big loss too because I love his music. Reading over this article amazes me due to the fact I didn’t realize we lost so many famous people in 2016! Singer Maurice White was another big hit and he was the founder of Earth Wind and Fire. That particular band was awesome! I still love listening to their music to this day! I hope that the year 2017 will not see as many celebrity deaths as we saw this year.

Dec 27

Carrie Fisher Has Passed Away

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Wow! Carrie Fisher Who Played Princess Leia On Star Wars Has Passed Away

Wow! I am totally flabbergasted to learn that Carrie Fisher, the lady who played Princess Leia in Star Wars, has passed away. NPR reported on her passing away so you can read about it here: Passing Away Of A Great Actress. I remember when I was a kid living in upstate New York watching Star Wars with my childhood friends and all the good memories. It is very disappointing to see that the year 2016 has claimed so many great artists!

Carrie Fisher

I remember Carrie Fisher in the very first Star Wars film and how young she looked compared to what she looked before she passed away. She looked pretty rough in her older days as if she had battled the whole world for years. It’s amazing how much she changed over the years due to some tough times she went through. I read a few articles where she had to battle addiction because she took prescription medication and drugs.

She Will Be Missed And Brought Many Smiles To My Childhood

Carrie Fisher brought many smiles to children and adults too with her role in Star Wars. The movie played an iconic role in many childhoods of my generation to so lose Carrie is a big blow. She was just 19 years old when she became famous due to the success of Star Wars. I remember when I was 19 years old and I didn’t know much about life at all then. I am much older and wiser now due to experience.

She made an appearance in the Star Wars Film “The Force Awakens” where she was a general. I think the director made her a general to give her a role that represented her strength. She looked totally different in her recent appearance in “The Force Awakens” because she battled addiction. It’s amazing how people change through time and how things never exactly stay the same. Yet, on the same token, some things never change no matter how much time has passed. One thing that has certainly not changed is that we all will die one day and that included Carrie Fisher. May the force be with you Carrie!

Dec 26

Joyous Christmas Yesterday And Great Times

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

My Family Had A Great Joyous Christmas Yesterday

We had such a wonderful joyous Christmas yesterday that I am so happy and proud! I have the best family in the world and love them all! We had my brother in law, sister, her kids and my brother in law’s father come over and we had a big Christmas dinner. The family had an awesome time due to the holiday spirit! May and I (May is my wife) loved watching the excitement of the kids as they opened Christmas presents.

joyous christmas

I also like to see how my fellow magicians are doing because they do great work. Futhermore, I am beginning to feel like us magicians are a big family. It is my opinion that I didn’t quite connect with my fellow magicians quite as a fast because of the PTSD I suffered from my war time military service in Afghanistan. PTSD is no joke and is very serious because of how it can disconnect you from others. For me, my way to combat PTSD and connect to others despite PTSD was through the art of magic.

It is great to see my fellow magicians and see how they are spreading the joy of magic around the globe. One magician reminded me of actor Lou Diamond Phillips in the movie “La Bamba” because he looked similar to him. The movie is one of my favorite movies and had a great sound track: Lou Diamond Phillips And La Bamba.

Lou Diamond Phillips and His Career

Lou Diamond Phillips was a great actor so he has had a very distinguished career. It seems that he is also a great musician because I think he sang the songs in his movie. He did an extraordinary job singing the songs in the movie “La Bamba.” I thought he did a great job singing the song “Come On Let’s Go” due to the energy he brought to the song. It was just great talent that he has demonstrated in his career that you rarely see in people.