Trade Show Magician

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Professional trade show magician William Davenport at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Increased foot traffic by 50%.
  • Entertained the prospects visiting the booth and tied in the magic with CNC Factory’s products.
  • Generated 50% more leads for CNC Factory.
  • Created a BUZZ in the showroom which brought even MORE people to CNC Factory’s booth.
  • Increased sales for CNC Factory’s trade show booth by 30%.

Dear Friend,

My name is William Davenport and I am a professional trade show magician. One of the things I specialize in is bringing more foot traffic to your company’s trade show booth. I do this by stopping some of the traffic that is walking by your booth and hooking them in with amazing magic tricks. The presentation highlights your company’s products and services. One of the hardest things to do is to capture people’s attention to draw them into your booth. If you don’t have a way to capture the foot traffic’s attention to draw them into your booth, then all that money your company has spent to exhibit at a trade show is wasted.

That is why, hiring a magician who specializes in trade show magic is important. I capture the foot traffic’s attention by performing a fast, quick and to the point magic trick that is mind blowing to even the most skeptical person. The magic has to be quick, fast and amazing to immediately capture their attention and convince them to stop. Once I have their attention, I go into a very entertaining sales presentation using magic tricks to keep their attention, entertain them and sell them on your company’s products or services by highlighting the benefits of those products or services. I keep the presentation going so that I can build a big crowd in front of your booth.

I then turn that big crowd over to your sales team. Your sales team can then scan the badges of potential clients to generate more leads, plus many other clients will now be interested in your company’s products or services. This is a great time for your company sales team to engage these potential buyers and answer any questions they might have. Your sales team might even be able to make sales right then and there right at the trade show booth. If not, you have a lead and a potential client you can follow back up on later on. Without a great trade show magician to capture the attention of foot traffic walking past your booth, you can’t hope to make any sales at your booth or generate any leads to follow up on later.

Not only that, but a good trade show magician creates a buzz at the trade show about your booth. You need to have that buzz going on at your trade show event to get people talking about your company and wanting to visit your booth. If you are going to spend serious cash to exhibit at a trade show then you will want to hire a trade show magician to ensure that the money you spend is worthwhile and not wasted. Pick up the phone and call now (478) 213-3991 to book William Davenport for your company’s next trade show event!