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Dec 05

Toll Free Number For My Company

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Toll Free Number Is Important For Business

My company now has a toll free vanity number that potential clients can call. This company’s toll free vanity number is 1-(833)-ASTOUND so people can call anywhere and at no cost. People remember a toll free vanity number much easier than a regular toll free number. My company chose to use the vanity number because it communicates what we do. The Why Use Vanity Numbers article explains to business owners why they are important. Vanity numbers are easy to remember because of the word phrasing within them.

Toll Free Number

A company using a toll free number also helps them look more professional. The number also gives a company more credibility. It is important that a vanity number communicates what the business does. The number also is great for a branding tool too! The fact that these type numbers are toll free will increase customer satisfaction. All these items are important because combined they help to increase your sales.

Other Reasons For A Toll Free Number

Another great reason for using a toll free vanity number is because it’s portable. The feature of portability moreover makes moving easier because you don’t have to constantly change numbers. So, no matter where you move, you will always have the same number no matter what.

I choose 1-(833)-ASTOUND because as a magician my job is to astound and amaze. So the word choice was good because it communicates what I do and it brands me well. I think I made an excellent choice and am very happy! I hope that this move I made will increase my return on investment. The voicemail needs to be changed, so I will need to talk to my provider about that. The voicemail I will use will be the same as my direct line. Anyway, I hope everybody has a wonderful evening!