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Sep 05

Alabama Magic Show A Lot Of Fun!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Alabama Magic Show Was A Joy To Perform!

Alabama Magic Show that I performed was great fun and a joy! The state is one of my favorite places to visit because everybody is friendly. I especially enjoy going to Mobile, Alabama due to the beach! You can check out this website link to see other places to visit in Alabama: Places To Visit.

Gulf Shores is a great place to vacation in light of their beaches. Northern Alabama also has the Huntsville Space Center. I wrote an blog post in regards to Northern Alabama because of fall foliage: Northern Part of State Blog Post.

Alabama Magic Children’s Show

So, about two weeks ago I traveled over to the state in order to perform a children’s magic show. I have recently changed my children’s magic show to furthermore improve it. The magic show has some big changes to it and uses some egg magic. In addition the show also has a peanut butter and jelly routine. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich routine is especially funny! I also use a hat tear magic trick along with the “magic birthday garland.” You can see a picture of it below in this article. The photo is used with the parent’s permission:

Alabama Magic

Alabama Magic Show Has Change At The End

I have also changed the ending of the children’s magic show so that it will be better. I felt it was important to keep the focus of the magic show on the birthday child. A birthday theme magic show should focus on the birthday guest of honor in order to make that guest happy. I do that by doing a magic trick that makes a big “Happy Birthday” silk appear out of the air. I present in a very funny manner so that people will laugh. Here is the picture below. The picture is used with the parent’s permission below:

Alabama Magic

I hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend like I did! I rested and spent time with the family. Y’all take care and have a wonderful day!