New PS4 Pro Games I Have Been Playing

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Aug 08

New PS4 Pro Games Watch Dogs 2 And Mafia 3

New PS4 Pro games I have recently been playing are Watch Dogs 2 and Mafia 3. The PS4 Pro makes both of these games much more enjoyable because of improved graphics. Not only that, but the game console also improves upon the playability of these games. The developers of Watch Dogs 2 wrote a much better storyline so it is much more fun! It would seem the developers also put more emphasis on character development as well. The characters in Watch Dogs 2 is much more likable because they don’t take themselves seriously. These characters also have their own philosophy about things rather than guided by hate and revenge. The last character in the first Watch Dogs was guided by revenge and hate which made him less likable. You can read an IGN review of the game here: Watch Dogs 2 Review

New PS4 Pro Games

Mafia III also has a great storyline like many mafia movies you see out of Hollywood. I can relate to the character Lincoln that you play because he is a veteran. I am a veteran myself, however, not of the Vietnam War like he was. Personally, I am not a fan of the game because I do not like to play criminals in a video game. I like to play good and likeable people because you care about those characters more. Given that is the case, I would probably prefer a video game different from Mafia 3 though, sometimes I do enjoy playing the bad guy from time to time in a video game!

Horizon Zero Dawn and Return of Tombraider

Some other new PS4 Pro games I have been playing is Horizon Zero Dawn and Return of Tombraider. The characters in both of those video games are much more likable, cool and adventurous! I especially like “The Return of Tombraider” and exploring tombs and going on an Indiana Jones type adventure. Tomraider is one of my favorite video game series. Horizon Zero Dawn is another great game with great graphics. The game takes place far into the future and has machines where you trying to solve a mystery of where the machines came from. An excellent game to play that I recommend!

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