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Aug 08

New PS4 Pro Games I Have Been Playing

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

New PS4 Pro Games Watch Dogs 2 And Mafia 3

New PS4 Pro games I have recently been playing are Watch Dogs 2 and Mafia 3. The PS4 Pro makes both of these games much more enjoyable because of improved graphics. Not only that, but the game console also improves upon the playability of these games. The developers of Watch Dogs 2 wrote a much better storyline so it is much more fun! It would seem the developers also put more emphasis on character development as well. The characters in Watch Dogs 2 is much more likable because they don’t take themselves seriously. These characters also have their own philosophy about things rather than guided by hate and revenge. The last character in the first Watch Dogs was guided by revenge and hate which made him less likable. You can read an IGN review of the game here: Watch Dogs 2 Review

New PS4 Pro Games

Mafia III also has a great storyline like many mafia movies you see out of Hollywood. I can relate to the character Lincoln that you play because he is a veteran. I am a veteran myself, however, not of the Vietnam War like he was. Personally, I am not a fan of the game because I do not like to play criminals in a video game. I like to play good and likeable people because you care about those characters more. Given that is the case, I would probably prefer a video game different from Mafia 3 though, sometimes I do enjoy playing the bad guy from time to time in a video game!

Horizon Zero Dawn and Return of Tombraider

Some other new PS4 Pro games I have been playing is Horizon Zero Dawn and Return of Tombraider. The characters in both of those video games are much more likable, cool and adventurous! I especially like “The Return of Tombraider” and exploring tombs and going on an Indiana Jones type adventure. Tomraider is one of my favorite video game series. Horizon Zero Dawn is another great game with great graphics. The game takes place far into the future and has machines where you trying to solve a mystery of where the machines came from. An excellent game to play that I recommend!

Aug 07

Cell Phones These Days are Amazing!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Cell Phones And Their Modern Technology Is Incredible!

Cell phones these days are amazing because of the modern technology behind them! I recently purchased an LG Fiesta in order to replace my old cell phone. So now my whole family with the exception of my wife went and bought new cell phones. My mother’s Samsung phone is consequently much better than her flip phone she had. I am able to check company email, social media, accept payments and accept phone calls on mine. My phone can run my entire business provided that it has all these apps you can install. I have installed an app on the phone that can even add emails to my Aweber email list. ZDNet wrote an interesting article and posted it on their website: Technology’s Profound Impact. The article posted writes about how mobile technology has improved our lives. I agree that mobile technology has very much improved our lives due to advances.

cell phones

Mobile Technology’s Profound Impact Today

Cell phones today are much small, thinner, pack a lot of power and are very useful. I have found that my current cell phone improves the efficiency of my business tremendously. The LG Fiesta has definitely made my life much easier for a very affordable price too! I plan to install the Skype App to my cell phone so that I can skype with clients and business partners. Facetime is another great app you can install on a cell phone too from what I understand. I will probably go ahead and install both apps on mine. That way I have a great deal of flexibility. Eventually, I am going to purchase the new iPhone 8 Plus when it comes out on the market. The iPhone 8 Plus will be very difficult to get due to huge crowds wanting to buy it.

Aug 06

Relaxing Sunday By The Swimming Pool

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Relaxing Sunday Just Taking Things Slow

Relaxing Sunday is on the agenda for me today so I can recuperate. I might go to the brother in law’s to play a board game since it has been a while. “Ticket To Ride” board game is fun to play because it’s simple. My wife enjoys that particular game so she plays it on her Kindle too! Probably another thing I might do is jump in the swimming pool. Swimming pools require a great deal of maintenance and I do a good job. I am always doing some kind of work on the swimming pool each week. You simply cannot neglect the swimming pool when you own one. Coffee was also great this morning as I drink coffee every morning.

Relaxing Sunday

Tips And Ideas For Relaxing

I found this article for ideas of what to do on a relaxing Sunday: Things To Do For Relaxation. Indeed, it is important to take some time off so you can be productive at work. People, too often, do not take time off for themselves which harms their productivity. You can feel run down and tired after awhile. I know for me personally I have worked hard and didn’t take a day off. Given that was the case, I found myself suddenly passing out and sleeping all day.

My body simply just shut down and said, time to recharge your batteries. I didn’t have a choice in the matter. It seems the body has an automatic shutdown mechanism to make you recuperate involuntarily. Alternatively, it is better to simply take some time off and spend time with family. In addition to board games, I also enjoy video games. Not too long ago I got a PS4 Pro which makes the games I have much more fun. The games play much smoother on this nice piece of technology!

Aug 05

Busy August Month Coming Up!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Busy August Month As Bookings Come In

Busy August is coming as a result of more bookings! The weather this month has been good for swimming because of sunny days. I have been maintaining the swimming pool so that my family can enjoy it. My sister likes to bring her children over to swim in light of the nice weather. The month of August is great for fishing due to warmer temperatures. The best month of the summer is above all August because it is low key. Odessey has a great article discussing the month of August being the best or worst month: Article On The Best Or Worst Month.

Busy August

My company currently offers a parlor show now due to needing to entertain adult audiences. I have been doing a great deal of scripting so I have not been able to blog as much. A script is very important for a magic act in order to have a great show. Artists under-estimate the need for a great script and as a result don’t have as good a show. I have also written and developed a script for a stage show as well.

Stage And Parlor Magic

So, in addition to trade show magic, I also have a parlor and stage magic show put together. I still need to get the music changer for the stage show but then I will rehearse it. Parlor magic is good for a living room setting hence is not suitable for massive audiences. Stage shows are suitable for massive audiences containing hundreds of people as a result of the props used. I have performed my parlor show and it is a big hit due to my scripting and practicing. I don’t think the parlor show would have been as good if I didn’t script and choose my pieces of magic carefully.

Aug 04

Las Vegas Trade Show Magic And Fun!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Las Vegas Trade Show Magic!

I just came back from doing some Las Vegas trade show magic for one of my repeat clients. CNC Factory hired me again because of the good work I did last time. We played hard due to the fact we worked hard! It was nice to be flown out to Las Vegas and stay in a mansion that the CEO of CNC Factory rented for himself, his employees as well as me. We had an absolute ball! The trade show I worked was called the AWFS or the Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers. The fair was located at the Las Vegas Convention Center: Las Vegas Convention Center.

We worked hard from July 19 thru July 22 so we rewarded! Our team went to eat at the Rio Hotel where Penn and Teller performs! We ordered the seafood buffet as well as all the other buffets so all of us ate well:

Las Vegas Trade Show Magic

The client was happy and so would like to hire me for a third time. I performed a “Nut and Bolt” magic trick using a nut and a bolt that “magically” unscrews itself from the bolt to capture the audience’s attention. The audience really enjoyed the magic tricks and hence did a good job of bringing people to the booth! CNC Factory got a lot of people in their booth because of my magic! The magic works very well in capturing attention and consequently getting people to stop.

Looking Forward To Future Events!

I have other potential clients now interested in hiring me for trade show magic because of the job I did in Vegas. I checked with CNC Factory first to be sure they didn’t mind me working for some of the other interested clients. Trade show magic will be a great addition for these new clients when they exhibit at their future events!