Paninis Are Awesome And Enjoying Making Them

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Jan 17

Enjoy Making Paninis With The New Family Panini Press

My family bought a panini press and let me tell you, it was really awesome! I made a sliced turkey meat panini with pesto, oregano, Swiss, American and provolone cheese so it was the best! The best paninis are homemade so I would suggest getting a panini press. A second recipe I like to use adds cooked turkey bacon and a sliced green pepper in addition to what I generally use.


My basic recipe adds pesto, oregano, Swiss, American and provolone cheese along with turkey and Texas toast. The food network website offers other great ideas for making the perfect panini: Great Recipes.

Other Type Panini Sandwiches

A great idea for a panini is grill up some seasoned chicken, throw it on some Texas Toast bread, various different cheeses and additional seasoning, that would be awesome! Throw some red pepper in the sandwich to especially add more taste. Here is a recipe that uses sun dry tomatoes: Chicken Panini Recipe . I have never thought of using sun dried tomatoes for a panini but that is certainly a great idea. Another thing I need to try is some basil due to the fact I forgot to buy it last time I was shopping. It’s probably a good idea to also cut up the grilled chicken into pieces when making the sandwich too!

I also like to eat some soup with the panini sandwich as well. That way it’s a very hearty meal and it was extremely filling. My favorite soup to eat with a panini is turkey chili because I enjoy a spicy soup. Other great alternatives for me besides turkey chili is chicken and rice soup or chicken noodle soup. Today, I had chicken and rice soup with my panini and I look forward to trying new recipes.

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