Cool TV Shows I Enjoy Watching

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Jan 11

Cool TV Shows I Love To Watch

I really enjoy watching Spike TV and some of the crazy outrageous shows they have. Some of the cool TV shows is “World Worst Tenants” which I hear had some real world drama surrounding the show. Seems like Spike TV sometimes has lawsuits flying judging from this article: Article On Spike TV. These crazy TV shows on Spike TV seems like they take place a lot in California. That’s part of what makes California was interesting and awesome because of some of the crazy drama.

Cool TV Shows

The TV Show “World Worst Tenants” has some pretty funny incidents so it’s a pretty entertaining. The show has reenactments of difficult tenants that land lords had to evict due to many reasons. A few of the reasons are unpaid rent however some of the reasons are just absolutely crazy and out of this world! The people in the show are always like on some kind of adventure to answer calls for difficult clients. You would think these guys are more like police officers than “eviction specialists” due to the way they constantly answer calls.

A Few Other Shows I Enjoy

I also like to stay informed so I watch the news. I think staying informed about what is going on in the world around you is especially important. Another show I enjoy on Netflix is “House Of Cards” due to the excellent performance by Kevin Spacey. “House of Cards” is one of those Netflix TV series that is a political drama about Washington DC. Kevin Spacey really does a good job right in the very first episode in how he tells the story during the show.

A show my wife and I enjoy watching is “A Haunting” because it’s horror themed. I don’t believe any of that stuff on the TV show but it’s fun to watch.

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