Recuperating After Working A Gig

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Jan 09

Relaxing and Recuperating A Little Bit After Working

Last night I went to a famous Italian restaurant and worked a gig for a client so I was pretty tired. So, today was my day to relax a little bit and some recuperating. The event venue was hosted a retail store party in Atlanta so I had a long drive. A long drive can exhaust the driver so it’s important to rest. The website Optalert discusses Driver’s Fatigue due to the fact it causes many auto accidents. Here are a few tips for getting back in the groove.


My job cause a lot of driver’s fatigue because we do a great deal of travel on the road. I suppose you can cut down on the driving if you are located very close by a city area. However, I am not located that close to a city area so I must do a great deal of driving.

Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant

Last night I had the privilege to visit Maggiano’s Restaurant. What an awesome place! I didn’t eat at the place but I hope to be able to do so in the future. The restaurant has a very high class Italian atmosphere and the food I saw served looked very good. It seems they serve some very authentic Italian food at this place. I personally enjoy Italian food, especially lasagne.

Maggiano’s Restaurant serves what looked like some very good lasagne with huge portions. I have picked out a restaurant that is a must go to in Atlanta for my wife and I. It’s a great restaurant to take your wife to on a dinner date. The place has a very romantic feel to it especially for a middle aged couple like my wife and I. I am certain that my wife would absolutely love this restaurant.

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William Davenport is a graduate of Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia and earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He is also a combat veteran of the Georgia Army National Guard serving a tour in Afghanistan from 2009-2010 with Operation Enduring Freedom in addition to a deployment to Bosnia Herzegovina with SFOR in 2001 as a NATO peacekeeper with Task Force Eagle. Currently, he is a professional magician offering trade show magic, children’s magic, close up magic, parlor magic and stage magic designed to entertain people of all ages. William is the manager of Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C.

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