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Nov 30

Busy Days Coming Up Here Soon

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I Have Some Very Busy Days Coming Up

The next few are going to be very busy days because I have many bookings. The work sometimes seems overwhelming given that running a business requires a lot. I am proud of the success so far because I want to contribute to the economy. The show I have tomorrow is a children’s magic show and will be my first stage show. I am looking forward to it and the experience I gain will be valuable!

busy days

The show tomorrow will feature my floating magic carpet illusion. I might go ahead and use the new head twisting illusion that I just got because it’s something new. I think the head twisting illusion could possible be great for a children’s magic show due to the comedy possibilities. The illusion might be too big and heavy for a children’s show but it still might work maybe if I had some of the other kids assisting.

Other Magic Shows

In addition to the big stage show tomorrow, I also have more children’s magic show the next day. The other magic shows are primarily strolling close up magic so I am grateful. Children’s magic shows are fun too but are a lot of work given the balloon animals. Balloon animals are important part of the packages I offer for children’s magic shows. I found a good website link that has useful steps for hiring a entertainment for a children’s party: Steps To Hiring A Children’s Party.

Friday will be a busy day because I have two gigs. Both of the gigs are close together and not too far from each other so that’s good news. I will be performing at Applebees this coming Friday from 7pm-9pm. I will also be making balloon animals at Applebees in addition to strolling close up magic. The day will be great and I am looking forward to it!

Nov 29

Tennessee Wildfires Have Struck

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Surprise To Read About Tennessee Wildfires

The state of Tennessee currently looks like it is reeling from wildfires so it has created some damage: Wildfires. A drought enabled the Tennessee wildfires to spread dramatically thus hitting parts of Gatlinburg. Flames lined the sides of the highway streets as residents drove by. Some of the residents took video shots of the fires so that others can see what it was like.

Tennessee wildfires

The city hosts many magic conventions therefore it is a popular place for magicians. I have never visited Gatlinburg because I like to save money. The cost of travel is great and I like to invest given I make money doing so. I do like to travel once and awhile but not too often though because of the need for balance.

Suspect Caught In Wildfires Case

The state of seems to have found the person who set the Tennessee wildfires as a result of a tip: Tip Catches Suspect. The wildfires have destroyed homes and businesses because of the ferocity. Some news sources have reported people have died which is especially tragic: USA Today News Report. I don’t imagine the guy who was arrested will get off lightly due to people losing their lives.

I hope things will be OK in Tennessee and the folks will be able to recover quickly. Wildfires are no joke because of how quickly they can spread. I hope Gatlinburg did not suffer too much damage most of all because I like for people to be safe. I would also like to visit the city someday given that is where magic conventions are. Tennessee is a tough state so I have all the confidence in the world it will recover. I look forward to relaxing the rest of the day given that I have a very busy week coming up.

Nov 28

Doctor Phil Episodes Pretty Interesting

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Been Watching Some Doctor Phil Episodes

Doctor Phil features some very interesting episodes especially the one about the guy who lost 300 pounds. The guy who lost 300 pounds suddenly changed his personality because his insecurities began to show. He changed his personality because before he was using food to find comfort. The gentleman in the episode had surgery to lose weight so now he can’t eat as much.

He went on a buying spree of expensive clothes given his insecurities could not find comfort in food. The person in the episode would also fight a lot with his wife so things were miserable. Doctor Phil said that the guy has always been the same but now shows his insecurities other ways. You can check out his website here.

Doctor Phil

The Book “Life Strategies”

The show has had some very powerful episodes given the emotion in some of them. I also purchased one of his books entitled “Life Strategies.” I have read the first four chapters in the book and learned a lot! Some of the chapters in the book have a lot of pages so reading 4 chapters is a good chunk. The book was bought so that I can become a better person in light of Doctor Phil’s knowledge.

The book teaches some of his life strategies so that others can improve themselves. I have learned three of those life laws especially the one that says you create your own experience. Your actions determine what kind of experience you have given their impact on others. So, it is important to be sure your actions are positive.

Another great book I am reading is Brian Tracy’s “Goals” because it is useful to achieve success. I write down my goals and why I am pursuing those goals so that I can stay motivated. Brian Tracy’s book is very good and well worth the read given his experience.

Nov 27

Indiana Jones Movies Playing Today

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

One Of My Favorite Movies Series, Indiana Jones Playing Today

The TV Channel SyFy is playing Indiana Jones movies today so I am very happy. The movie features plenty of action packed adventure especially exploring tombs. I really enjoy the action and the magic of the items found in tombs. The history in the movies is also awesome because it ties great into a story. The movie “Temple of Doom” from the series moreover shows the best action and story.

Indiana Jones

“Quest For The Holy Grail” is my second favorite of the movies series because of the knight. I like the knight at the end of the movie given his wisdom. The father of Indiana Jones was really funny too given his jokes. He liked to give Indiana a hard time so it was funny. Disney has announced they are making a new movie so it will add to the series: New Movie In The Series.

Relax And Watch The Marathon Today

Syfy is playing a movie marathon of the Indiana Jones movies so I will be watching them. First of all, the movie playing right now is the “Temple of Doom.” Second of all the movie that will play is “The Last Crusade.” Finally, I think the last movie will be the “Crystal Skull” one. Sean Connery does an especially great job in playing his role in the movies.

Sean’s exceptional acting ability makes him one of my favorites because he does an excellent job. River Phoenix plays the young Indiana Jones in the “Last Crusade” given it was a flashback to his childhood. River was another actor who performed with great ability, however, he has passed away. I look forward to watching the next movie because they are some of the best! I will enjoy sitting in my chair so that I can relax!

Nov 26

Internet Troubles Finally Resolved

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Finally Resolved Some Of My Internet Troubles

The internet at my house kept going on and off probably because of the router. We took the old router back to Cox Cable and got a new one. The new router gets a much better signal and does not reset on it’s own. I would play Battlefield 1 online and the connection would go offline suddenly. The router seemed to be the problem so it was a good idea to replace it. PC Magazine provides useful information on troubleshooting connections so it should make life easier: Troubleshooting Tips.


My progress on the game Witcher 3 has me fighting a werewolf therefore it has been tough. I would like to purchase the complete edition strategy guide so I can get past tough monsters easier. In the game, I have died several times because the werewolf is tough. Currently, I own an older version of the strategy guide however it doesn’t include new material.

New Magic Tricks And Illusions

I will perform the head twisting illusion in my magic act here soon because it’s amazing. My show will have more big illusions added to it as a result of having a larger audience. In fact, trade shows are great for having these illusions to help build large crowds at a booth. I have set a goal to also have stage illusions for trade show so I can bring value to clients.

My stage show will feature “Bag of Lights” because it is funny. The magic will have many other illusions most of all for variety. I will also perform “Al Baker’s Torn and Restored Newspaper Trick” as a result of me doing it so well. The torn and restored newspaper trick the way I perform it consequently amazes many people. The magic show is sure to entertain many people, especially those who enjoy theater.

Nov 25

PS 4 Pro Dramatically Improves Performance Of Games

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

The PS 4 Pro Has Tremendously Improved The Performance Of My Games

The PS 4 Pro improves the performance of “Witcher 3” much more than the regular PS 4. I had a great time playing the game because of the performance improvements. The story moreover was much more easier to follow which makes the game entertaining. I would like to purchase the strategy guide to “Witcher 3” so that I can get past tough points.

ps 4 pro

People have been acting crazy as usual this Black Friday with fighting breaking out. The news showed people fighting each other in addition to trampling over one another. CNN has a video which consequently tells the true history of Black Friday: History of Black Friday. The footage showed some fierce brawls that broke out given the tension. I was therefore happy to not be out on Black Friday.

Good Thanksgiving Yesterday

My brother in law served Thanksgiving dinner yesterday since they have a big house. We absolutely ate up the fried turkey because it was so delicious and juicy! Fried Turkey is one my favorite kinds of turkey to eat because of the taste. We also served mashed potatoes and gravy which is a great addition. Most people in my family sat and watched football afterwards since it is a tradition. We enjoyed watching the football game because it was so exciting.

I returned home later on to hence play the PS 4 Pro. My favorite game to play on the PS 4 Pro is Battlefield 1 because of the realism. My family is enjoying this shopping season much more due to the economy. We managed to buy some nice items especially the Nintendo 3DS for my wife. She seems to play the Nintendo 3DS quite a bit as a result of nothing to do. I will be relaxing most of today due to the holiday.

Nov 24

Happy Thanksgiving To Everybody!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I Hope Everybody Has A Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving in light of the holiday. Our family will be traveling to my brother in laws house to be together with the rest of our relatives. We are watching our favorite TV shows “Chrisly Knows Best” because it is so funny! The show is having a Happy Thanksgiving marathon especially for the show’s fans. We are watching an episode that has Chrisly’s son trying to get an internship so he can success. His son is trying to get a condo due to the fact he doesn’t like his room mates.

Happy Thanksgiving

Chrisley decided to charge his son rent on his condo so that he could earn his own way. His son went to an interview and finally got an internship. He managed to get the internship which especially relevant was for a TV channel. The internship had him working with kangaroos in addition to giving him his own segment. As a matter of fact, the son’s segment of the show had them talking about helicopter parents. The segment of the show had several guests talking about the subject so it was funny! You can also check out the various episodes on this website.

Board Games For Family Gathering

We will also be playing some board games so that we can have fun. One of the board games I hope to play is “Ticket To Ride” because everybody seems to enjoy it. My wife especially enjoys this particular board game. “Pandemic” is just as enjoyable a game due to the team aspect of it. A game that has a team aspect to it’s game play most of all brings people together. Family coming together as a team is very important which is why I like the game. Our company hopes everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nov 23

Thanksgiving Dinner And Holidays

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Looking Forward To Thanksgiving Dinner and Holidays This Week

My family will be serving Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and having a great time in light of the holidays. The wife and my sister will be going shopping afterwards to take advantage of Black Friday deals. My company has been generating good profits so it has been able to provide plenty of spending cash for the family. “The Balance” website provides 10 tips for getting the best deals Tips For Getting the Best Deals On Black Friday. I am very happy and proud that my company most of all has been able to help my family out.

thanksgiving dinner

The wife, mother and I will travel to my brother in law’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. We will bring the board games “Pandemic” and “Ticket To Ride” because we want to have something to do for fun. My brother in law’s house will be hosting many family members most of all those from Georgia. People attending the family gathering will moreover have a wonderful time.

Playing PS4 Pro Games

“The Rise of Tomb Raider” and “Battlefield 1” are excellent games to play on the PS4 Pro because of the graphics. The games also have excellent game play too! “Battlefield 1” has some especially realistic sounds from a battle field like dirt being thrown in the air. “The Rise of Tomb Raider” is a lot of fun because of the action oriented game play. The game also has most of all some really fun tombs to discover and explore.

“No Man’s Sky” is another great game to play on the PS4 Pro because it’s much more smoother. The game has an excellent exploration aspect not to mention just the vastness of the space exploration. The planets in the game are especially fantastically huge with quintillions to explore. The math and vastness of the game moreover is just mind boggling to comprehend.

Nov 22

Cold Morning When Standing Outside

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

It’s Been A Cold Morning After Getting Up To Go To Work

The cold weather this morning sent chills down everybody’s spine due to 20 degree temperatures. The employees at Enterprise Rent A Car wore winter clothes most of all to stay warm. I drove the rental car back home as fast as possible since it was a cold morning. Later on in the day the temperatures will warm up because the sun will rise.

cold morning

I will be performing another gig as a result of another booking by a client. The gig is a children’s magic show where I will be entertaining a birthday party. I will levitate the birthday child on a floating magic carpet illusion because it will be a great photo opportunity for parents. “Brillo the Dog” will be making lollipops magically appear so the children will behave better during the show. I will be happy to return home most of all to be with my family again.

Thanksgiving In A Few Days

My family will travel to my brother in law’s house since we will be spending Thanksgiving there. Here is a website that lists most of all alternate ways to spend the holiday: Alternate Ways To Spend Thanksgiving. My family might be willing to play a board game, most noteworthy, “Pandemic” or “Ticket To Ride.” I hope to convince them to play a board game so that we can liven things up!

We will probably be having fried and baked turkey as well as baked ham hence there is plenty to choose. I personally enjoy eating fried turkey because the flavor is really awesome! My family also enjoy being served most of all mashed potatoes with gravy. We don’t eat exactly eat healthy meals because it’s a time to just relax and have fun. I look forward to Thanksgiving since it will give me an opportunity to relax.

Nov 21

Christmas Gifts For An Early Shopping Season

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Did Some Early Shopping For Christmas Gifts

The wife and I have done some early Christmas shopping because we wanted to beat the crowds. The company has been very profitable this year due to having a more established reputation. Our family has plenty of money to buy Christmas presents as a result of a better economy. My wife will be playing her new Nintendo 3DS and it seems like she will really enjoy it. The games, “Zelda Tri Force Heroes” and “Super Mario 3d Land” are some of the Christmas gifts my wife will enjoy playing because she is a big fan of both titles.

christmas gifts

The New Nintendo 3DS has many features that people can use due to all the enhancements. Their website shows the enhancements in addition to the features that 3Ds contains: Nintendo 3DS Website. The camera can take 3D photos and videos but most noteworthy is that it has super stable 3D viewing. The hand held gaming unit also has AR cards to choose from probably because it adds to game play.

The gaming unit also has plenty of software applications and furthermore a better processor. A user can connect online using the Miiverse software application and adds to multiplayer capability. Mii Plaza is a software application that enables people to use creations made by other people hence it gives you more options in gaming!

Another Gift To Wife

The hair dresser will do my wife’s hair as one of her Christmas gifts therefore she is very happy. She will also buy our dog some more food because of good deals on Black Friday. Consumers are taking advantage of early sales so that they don’t have to fight huge crowds. My family most of all will be visiting with me for the holidays which is the best of the Christmas gifts.

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