Target Marketing By Learning From Michael Port

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Sep 09

Learning Target Marketing From Michael Port Is Great Fun!

Last night, I spent a great deal of time reading author Michael Port’s book “Book Yourself Solid” and I am really loving this book. I am currently reading three different books at once and ALL of them are GREAT! Seriously, they really are. But I am learning ALOT from Michael Port’s book “Book Yourself Solid.” No, I am not being paid by Michael Port or anything crazy like that. I have just really enjoyed his book and just my personal opinion so far, I would recommend his book.

Target Marketing

I honestly never knew that marketing and sales could be so much fun! I think one of the most important things I have learned from Michael Port is to go after the things that truly make me happy because when I am happy, I can serve my target market much better. Several things I have really enjoyed is business, investment, sales, marketing, the art of magic, video games and board games. Given this is the case and with the help of Michael Port’s book, I have targeted trade shows in which board game publishers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers all come together and where I can help board game publishers, manufacturers, distributors and sell their products to various different retailers, hobby shops and small businesses.

So, given that I have chosen to target this particular market, I started poking around on the internet to find some board game trade shows as part of my target marketing. Here is one board game trade show I found: GAMA Trade Show. The GAMA trade show seems to be a big and important trade show for the board game industry. Maybe one day, I will have an opportunity to do some trade show magic at this particular trade show. I also found a few other board game conventions as well on this website: Board Game Conventions.

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William Davenport is a graduate of Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia and earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He is also a combat veteran of the Georgia Army National Guard serving a tour in Afghanistan from 2009-2010 with Operation Enduring Freedom in addition to a deployment to Bosnia Herzegovina with SFOR in 2001 as a NATO peacekeeper with Task Force Eagle. Currently, he is a professional magician offering trade show magic, children’s magic, close up magic, parlor magic and stage magic designed to entertain people of all ages. William is the manager of Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C.

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