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Jul 31

Movie Yesterday Lights Out Was OK

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Watched The Movie Lights Out

My wife and I went and saw “Lights Out” yesterday and watched it. I would rate the it a 7 out of 10 with my scale being 7 OK, 8 and 9 good and 10 fantastic. Anything below 7 is failing to various degrees. Kind of like a test you take in a college course where everything below a 70 was considered failing or dis-satisfactory.


Anyway, the premise of the story is that a super-natural spirit who can only attack people in the dark, but when the lights are on, is unable to do so. However, if the lights are off, the spirit is able to do so. I don’t want to give away too much of the movie so that I don’t spoil it for others. Teresa Palmer plays the main star of the show, Rebecca. As the story progresses, you will find that she is fighting to protect her little brother and that her mother seems to have a depression problem. I will say that much as it won’t give everything away. You can read some reviews here on “Rotten Tomatoes:” Lights Out Review or Snyposis.

I think their rating was pretty dead on of 7 out of 10 as well. In addition to Rebecca fighting to protect her brother in the movie, she also uncovers some things of her mother’s past as well which plays into the premise of the movie. I think the movie is worth going to see in the movie theaters. My wife and I really enjoyed it! This is especially good for horror fans like my wife and I. Teresa Palmer in the movie also strikes me as a California woman similar to the ones I have met in the past. Very independent and intelligent woman. This particular story is also about mental illness as well. Anyway, I hope some of you who go to watch it enjoyed it as much as my wife and I!

Jul 30

Arrest Of The Year Made In Sweden!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Now This Is What I Call An Arrest Of The Year!

I got a big kick out of this magazine article of a beautiful Swedish police officer who was off duty sun bathing in a bikini and tackled a guy who stole their mobile phone and arrested him. Maybe the guy enjoyed being arrested by hot Swedish bikini clad babes who just so happened to be off duty police officers. Pretty funny! You have got to check out this article here. So here is what the Swedish police officer had to say about her Arrest of the Year:

Emma Löfgren quotes Mikaela Kellner in her article “Did this Swedish cop just make the arrest of the year?”

“I just acted on instinct and didn’t think about it so much until after we had pinned him down. When I sat there I looked over at our other two friends who are not police officers and realized that it probably looked pretty funny. But I would have stepped in no matter my outfit,” she said.

“I’ve had a lot of positive comments both from friends and colleagues. It happens all the time that valuables are taken like this and often you don’t notice they’re gone until later. I mainly just wanted to raise awareness of how cunning these people are, almost like magicians.”


It was pretty funny and I am sure lots of guys loved it too! Trying to steal a cell phone from a woman is near impossible! You would have an easier time trying to take a bone from a Rottweiler! What was this guy thinking? Like most criminals, he obviously wasn’t too bright ha ha ha! Still, it made a great news story to talk about in the mist of negative news. It’s always good to get a great laugh!

Jul 29

Cafe Society Is A New Romance Movie

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Saw This Movie Review On “Cafe Society”

Looks like they might have a movie coming out entitled “Cafe Society.” I know my wife would like to go and watch this kind of movie as well as the ladies in my family. Not really my cup of tea though to be honest. I am a guy who enjoys a guy’s kind of a movie. This is not one of those movies. I found a link that provides a review of the movie here. Here is what the premise of the movie is about:

Colin Covert of the “Star Tribune” (Minneapolis) writes in his or her article entitled “Movie review: ‘Cafe Society’ is wonderful look at love:”

In the 1930s, while America recovered from the bleakness of the Great Depression, the film industry delivered elegant character-driven entertainment that felt like love affairs between its beautiful stars and the public. It was an enchanting make-believe liaison, sometimes an imaginary infidelity, a tryst that anyone could experience for pocket change.

It was a delightful con job, and its appeal draws young Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), the protagonist of Woody Allen’s “Café Society” from New York City to Los Angeles.

Abandoning his very-Jewish family in the Bronx, he goes west to work as an errand boy for his uncle Phil (Steve Carell), a hotshot talent agent for a stable of stars. Phil’s beguiling, but romantically unavailable assistant Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), a former actress hopeful, likes Bobby’s company and enjoys taking him to see Joan Crawford’s house and Barbara Stanwyck movies.

It isn’t long before Bobby finds himself falling head over forlorn heels in love with her. His confused heart wants what it wants, even when it’s not available. Bobby, who is neurotic, sarcastic and exasperated, takes cautious steps into the shallows of real courtship in hope of winning her from her hush-hush lover.

Cafe Society

Reading over this review of the movie, it would seem that a man should never steal another man’s girlfriend or wife. A good friendship is not worth ruining over a woman. And their is plenty of ladies to date if a man is single. Life is all about making wise choices and win-win deals with your fellow human beings. This is probably a movie for the ladies in my opinion. Not a movie that would interest me much.

Jul 28

Meteor Shower Supposed To Happen Tonight

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Looks Like Their Is Going To Be A Meteor Shower Tonight

I found this article here which discusses what is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight here at this link. Here is what the article had to say about tonight’s upcoming meteor shower:

Elizabeth Howell of writes in her article “Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: Watch Live on Slooh Webcast:”

The annual Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks overnight tonight (July 28), and you can watch the event live via a special webcast by the online Slooh Community Observatory.

Viewers can check out shots of the Delta Aquarids taken by telescopes in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan operated by Slooh and several partner organizations. The main show starts at 8 p.m. EDT today (0000 GMT Friday), though an early broadcast is also available today at 8 a.m. EDT (1200 GMT) from Japan. The shows can be viewed live on the Slooh website. Viewers can send questions to @Slooh on Twitter, or chat live with the team on The webcast will also be available here on, courtesy of Slooh.

meteor shower

One of the things I would really like to do is get a telescope so that I could enjoy watching something like that. I also wouldn’t mind gazing at the stars in some rural area where the night sky is really dark and the stars are much easier to see. I bet that would be an interesting hobby to do. I hope to live to see the day as well when the first man walks on the surface of the planet Mars. NASA has been talking about for a while and some private space companies have been trying to develop commercial space flight as well as ideas for colonizing Mars. I hear private companies are playing an increasingly important role in space travel these days with NASA developing a new space rocket designed to take humans to Mars. I have always enjoyed astronomy and our progress towards the stars.

Jul 27

No Mans Sky Is Coming Out Soon

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Looking Forward To Playing No Mans Sky

The video game “No Mans Sky” will be coming out on August 9th. I am looking forward to playing this game. It sounds like the development team has put a tremendous amount of work into developing this particular video game. The software of the video game generates a universe that has over a quin-trillion amount of planets. A massive amount of planets! According to the developers of the game, even with all the people in the world playing the game, it would be impossible for all the planets in the game to be seen. That’s quite a feat for a video game!

Another feature of this video game that I really like is that you can be flying in outerspace in your space ship and then go straight into a planet’s atmosphere and land on the planet all without the video game having to stop to load the planet up. So, it’s a very smooth transition that adds a lot of realism to space exploration in the game. You can also land on the planets and explore them in the game and see various different wildlife in various different galaxies and solar systems. So, that’s pretty cool, plus each planet has different environments as well. Here is a link to the actual video game: space exploration.

No Mans Sky

Here is also a YouTube video you can check out on 15 amazing features to No Man’s Sky: 15 Amazing Features You Did Not Know. Yeah man, after watching that particular You Tube video, it looks like this video game is going to be really awesome! I am very excited to play it! I also found an article written about the developers of what seems to be a genius video game- New Yorker Article On Video Game. Here is a quote from the article:

Raffi Khatchadourian of “The New Yorker” writes in his article “World Without End”

They sit at computer terminals in three rows on the building’s first floor and, primarily by manipulating lines of code, they make mathematical rules that will determine the age and arrangement of virtual stars, the clustering of asteroid belts and moons and planets, the physics of gravity, the arc of orbits, the density and composition of atmospheres—rain, clear skies, overcast. Planets in the universe will be the size of real planets, and they will be separated from one another by light-years of digital space. A small fraction of them will support complex life. Because the designers are building their universe by establishing its laws of nature, rather than by hand-crafting its details, much about it remains unknown, even to them. They are scheduled to finish at the end of this year; at that time, they will invite millions of people to explore their creation, as a video game, packaged under the title No Man’s Sky.

Anyway, can’t wait to get my hands on this game and start playing it! No Mans Sky should be very awesome!

Jul 26

Relaxing Day For Me Today

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Today, My Body Demands A Relaxing Day

Been staying pretty busy working hard for most of the days this past week or two. Today, my body is demanding a day just to take things slow and relax. I am feeling a bit run down. I don’t think I am exhausted per se, just feeling tired and run down from working so much and the stress that comes with running a business and keeping up with everything. So, today, I am not going to do much work. I am simply going to take the day off after writing this blog post and posting on my company Facebook and Twitter accounts. I found this good website link on working too hard and feeling run down: Signs Of Working Too Much.

I especially like this part of the website link above:

Trevor Mauch from Automize, LLC writes:

Entrepreneurship Is Fun, Remember?

When you’re loving what you’re doing, the “fun to not-fun” ratio is heavily in favor of the fun side. You are excited to get up and get to work, full of energy and new ideas. You get stuff done fast and you’re in the flow. But once things start to shift to where the majority of your days aren’t enjoyable at all,you need to start looking for a break to get that passion, energy and fun back.

Relaxing Day

I think that’s good advice by Trevor Mauch. Today is going to be a day where I take a break! Probably watch some TV today and also been playing this video game called “Shadows or Mordor” on my PS4. Very fun and great video game. I have become hooked to it. So as part of my relaxing day, I think I will go ahead and continue to play “Shadows Of Mordor.” Very fun game! You can check out there website here for you video gamers out there: Shadows Of Mordor Website.

Jul 25

New Episodes Of “The Last Kingdom” Were Great!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Watched New Episodes of “The Last Kingdom”

So, I continued watching some new episodes of “The Last Kingdom” on Netflix last night. I think I spent the entire day and most of the night watching that TV series. I finished watching all the episodes that were available on Netflix. It was just an AWESOME TV Show! Loved every bit of it! Very cool! I don’t want to give too much away for those of you who have not watched the show, but I will say, that I really liked the King of Wessex in the show. If I lived back then, I could have easily seen myself as one of his soldiers giving him several years or a lifetime of service. It was how things were back then. You had good kings who did an outstanding job of leading their kingdoms and you had corrupt kings who nobody would want to follow who only served themselves.

New Episodes

Vikings also appeal to me in the TV show because I am a guy and vikings have the mentality that most guys have deep inside. The desire to get rich being one of them. But most of all, I think if I lived back then, I would have been in the service of a good king as a soldier or knight. Guys like being warriors and serving their government, or at least I do. Most guys I know do. Especially when you have competent leaders who care about the best interests of the country or in the case of the TV show, the kingdom. The main character had a strong warrior side to him though that I also admire greatly. The English and the competent king helped to bring some balance to him. You can’t be too much of a warrior who isn’t governed by rules and laws or who has no regard for such thing. So, you have to have that viking warrior mentality but it must be balanced with service to greater good and cause and such warriors must be governed and held accountable to rules and laws. Unfortunately, back then, many vikings were not until they were beaten in battle by the English and many converted from Paganism to Christianity.

So, I finished watching all of season one of “The Last Kingdom” and now I am ready to watch a season two. Turns out the BBC is putting into production a season 2 of “The Last Kingdom” here. According to the website link, it looks like the second season is slated to be available in 2017. Can’t wait to watch it!

Jul 24

Good Match At the UFC

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Good Match At the UFC Between Holly Holm And Valentina Shevchenko

Congratulations to Valentina Shevchenko for winning by unanimous decision against Holly Holm yesterday in a televised UFC match last night. I got to watch the last two rounds of the fight yesterday. Both fighters did a tremendous job. Much respect to both Holly Holm and Valentina Shevchenko. Valentina Shevchenko did a good job with her distance management and luring Holly Holm in a few times to land a few good strikes. Plus she managed to take down Holly Holm. My understanding is few fighters in Holly’s league have managed to take her down in the octagon. Both fighters went the distance in all 5 rounds. You could tell both were exhausted at the end. Holly says she was disappointed but I have to say, Holly has no reason to be disappointed. She fought a good fight and the reality is, that you just aren’t going to win them all. She did a good job and fought well. Here is a link that details some of the highlights of the fight: Holly Holm and Valentina Shevchenko UFC Fight.

Good Match

It was definitely a good match between these two great fighters. Both of these fighters were also superb strikers as well. Here is some of the highlights from the article in the above link:

Brett Okamoto ESPN Staff Writer writes in his article “Shevchenko takes decision from Holm at UFC Chicago:”

“We expected counterpunches, Thai clinch game, trips, and she did all that,” Holm said. “We trained for it. I was taught all the right things. No excuses. My coaches teach me everything. My performance was not right tonight.”

Holm was a betting favorite going into Saturday, though a significant amount of money came in on Shevchenko in the 24 hours leading up the bout. Fighting out of Peru, the native of Kyrgyzstan is a seasoned striker, but Holm is listed as 3 inches taller, with a 2-inch reach advantage. Holm fought at a higher weight in boxing.

In the first round, the size seemed to throw Shevchenko off a bit. Holm dropped Shevchenko with a short right hand and, after giving up a takedown, popped immediately back to her feet.

By the second frame, however, Shevchenko started to find her range. She caught Holm coming in with the counter right hand over and over again and started to find a home for the inside leg kick. She threw a wicked, counter-spinning back fist that Holm just managed to block. Momentum was firmly in Shevchenko’s corner after the second round, and she never relinquished it.

According to immediate cageside stats from FightMetric, Shevchenko out-landed Holm in total strikes 110 to 69. Shevchenko, 28, improved to 2-1 in the UFC with the win. Her loss came via decision to current champion Amanda Nunes in March.

For the UFC fans out there, I hope you guys enjoyed the this good match as much as I did. Great fight both Holly and Valentina!

Jul 23

“Last Kingdom” Is A Great TV Show

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Netflix Has An Awesome TV Show “The Last Kingdom”

So, I have been watching Netflix and they have this awesome TV show called “The Last Kingdom.” I have really enjoyed watching it. So far, I have managed to get through the first two episodes of season 1. The beginning of the TV show starts off with an English boy who is heir to an English kingdom throne, but then the vikings came, also commonly called “Danes” in the TV Show. The boy’s father, who is a king prepares his men to fight and they go and fight the vikings only to be defeated. The TV show depicts the vikings as a very much a warrior society, a true warrior society.

Last Kingdom

One of the things you can definitely say about the vikings is that if you lost in battle against them, you certainly knew you were the conquered people. And they were not kind conquerors at all. But then again, any sort of kind, benevolent conqueror is disingenuous when you think about it. So, the fact the vikings were not very kind to those they conquered probably had some level of honesty and genuineness to it. They were conquerors, they knew it and they knew that their is no way to be kind and benevolent as conquerors and so they weren’t. Here is a link to the TV show I have been watching on Netflix: Netflix TV Show

Anyway, so one of the viking warriors took the boy as a slave at first during the TV show. Eventually, the English wanted the boy back so that they could get rid of him and some other guy could take the English throne. However, the vikings demanded a high price for him. At first the English wouldn’t take the price demanded of them but then eventually relented. However, the viking warrior who took the boy as a slave decided to buy him and make him his son. So, the boy was raised as a viking as well or a “Dane” as some English would say in the TV show. I don’t want to spoil too much of the TV show, so I would encourage you guys check into Netflix and watch the show. Very good show and very well done! I am on the second episode right now!

Jul 22

Old 80s Classic Music

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Listening To Some Great Old 80s Classic Music

I have a semi-busy weekend coming up and I am looking forward to performing for the gig that I have scheduled. This weekend, I have a children’s magic show that I have to perform as well as make some balloon animals. I have also been listening to some classic 80s music. I was a child of the 1980s and absolutely love that decade! The 1980s was an awesome decade and I have some very fond memories of that time period. At that time, I was a kid and both of my parents were in the US Air Force stationed at an air force base that was in upstate New York. That particular base is now closed. When that particular air force base was closed my dad was already retired from service and my mother was still in. So she got transferred down to Georgia so that we could be close to family in Tennessee.

During those times, I remember playing ice hockey, the Cold War and of course just like any kid, playing with his friends. I also remember the music the best. I absolutely love 80s music and still listen to it today! One of my favorite songs is “Major Tom” by Peter Schilling Major Tom. Listening to this song reminds me of when I took off in a military airplane to serve a tour in Afghanistan with the US Army. Of course, the song is about flying into the air and into outer space. But still it’s an awesome song. A great old 80s classic song. I remember when I was a kid and this song first came out.

Back then, those artists didn’t realize they were making what would eventually become classic songs. They were just doing what they loved to do which is being an artist. That’s what most artists are doing today, just simply doing what they love to do and not trying to make classics. But in the process, their work will eventually be known as classics as well.

Old 80s

Billy Idol was another great artist and I love listening to much of his songs too. His song “Eyes Without A Face” is one of my favorites that he sings. Here is a link to that particular song: Eyes Without A Face. What were some of your favorite 80s artists and songs?

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