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Mar 31

Bird Watching Using A Bird Feeder

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Been Bird Watching Since Putting Up New Bird Feeder

Wife and I bought a bird feeder from Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite restaurants to go to, have a meal, relax and my wife enjoys shopping a little bit: Cracker Barrel Restaurant. They certainly know how to run a business! Anyway, here is a picture of the bird feeder we bought at Cracker Barrel:

bird watching

You can see I filled the bird feeder up with a bunch of feed. The birds certainly have been going over to it and chowing down. It’s amazing how much birds will eat and yet still remain very small. That tells me they burn a lot of energy throughout the day, probably from flying so much and having to flap their wings to stay airborne for so long. I put the bird feeder on a tree in my front yard:

bird watching

So, sometimes I will step outside and sit on my front porch and watch the birds feed. They will also feed off the feed I had accidentally dropped on the ground. I enjoy watching the birds and it feels good to have a bird feeder and to feed them. Birds are the kind of wild life that you don’t have to worry about having un-intended consequences for feeding. I also had a bird couple decide to build a nest in my backyard in the cabinet where I keep my swimming pool chemicals. I made sure they did not have any eggs laid or any chicks in the nest before deciding to remove the nest. It looks like they were smart enough to have figured out that the cabinet was frequented by human beings and abandoned the nest.

This bird couple was in the process of building a nest and removed all their materials before they had the nest built. At the time I didn’t think it was birds building a nest but straw getting into the cabinet due to storms. I keep the cabinet outside on my deck. But then I noticed that straw was being built up again after removing the initial straw and again, I thought it was just storms blowing the straw in it. Eventually, those pieces of straw turned into a full blown birds nest and that was when I knew it was not storms but birds building a nest.

I double checked to be sure there were no chicks or eggs in it and it looks like the birds finally figured out that it was humans removing their straw or probably saw me constantly going in and out of the cabinet to get pool chemicals out to maintain the pool. So, it seems this bird coupled had long abandoned their nest and did not have any chicks or lay any eggs in the nest so I felt it was safe to remove that nest from the cabinet. So, bird watching can come unexpectedly. But I enjoy the birds and bird watching. It’s fun to watch them feed too.

Mar 30

Trade Show Magic And Follow Ups

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Been Doing Some Follow Ups With Trade Show Magic

Today and yesterday I have been doing some follow ups on trying to get a trade show magic gig. I got off the phone with one business man who had one of his fellow businessmen use a trade show magician and he said that he got a return on investment. Well, I’ll be! That’s pretty cool that trade show magic actually provides some real value! Still, I have to prove myself to these other businessmen who might decide to hire me for a trade show. I am determined to do so and I want to prove my worth. I feel I have been pursuing some purposeful goals these past few days and making some real progress as well. Of course, what I have been doing before was purposeful too, but I think these past few days have been a little more purposeful than the previous days.

Trade shows can be pretty busy and I have attended a few of them. Here is a picture of what a typical trade show looks like:

trade show magic

A company which exhibits at a trade show also gets some good benefits. Some of which I like myself given that I am too a company. I wonder if they have a trade show for magician? Ohh well, here is a link that explains some of the benefits:

Benefits of Company Exhibiting At Trade Show

I just googled up “Magician Trade Shows” and all that comes back are links for trade show magicians but no actually links for trade shows that enable various different kinds of magicians to sell their products or services. I think the magic conventions are probably what would be an actual trade show tailored specifically for magicians. You go to those type conventions and you see a lot of people selling magic tricks, but I imagine it might be a good place to get a few bookings too as a professional magician. I see unlimited opportunity to when it comes to being a professional magician.

Mar 29

Air Fryer Pretty Handy Appliance

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Been Using An Air Fryer

Got an air fryer not too long ago and it’s pretty cool appliance. Used it to cook some chicken nuggets, french fries, tater tots, chicken breasts and some steak potatoes. You have to kinda use it like any stove item really to get the perfect results with this appliance. The great advantage of using it is that it is very healthy when it comes to cooking. Here is a picture of it:

Air Fryer

It has a drawer at the bottom of it that you can open by pulling on the handle that you see in the picture. You can take whatever product you wish to cook and put in the drawer and then program the fryer for what the product is. It will then preset the time and temperature but sometimes depending on what is being cooked and how you want it cooked, you have to play with it a little bit. You can check out the link to this particular air fryer here: Cook’s Essentials 3QT.

There is all kinds of different models out there that you can take a gander at. My particular model was purchased off QVC. Just like anything, in order to get good at using it, you need to experiment around with it and play with it a little. You do that, and you will get good results with the air fryer.

Today, as usual, I have plenty enough to do. Been playing video games here lately, but now, I think I am ready to get back into working with some magic tricks. It’s good to have various different interests. If I am always working on magic all the time, you will eventually burn out on magic despite the fact that I love the art and I love performing. Too much of anything is bad. So you have to keep a good balance with your life. You achieve that balance by having other interests besides just only one thing. Just like in the movie the “Karate Kid” when Miyagi told Daniel San to go find “the balance” in life, you have to do so in the real world and in real life. You have to have and find a good balance, because without good balance, you are as good as done in life.

Mar 28

Happy Easter Everybody!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I Hope Everybody Had A Happy Easter!

My family celebrated Easter this past Saturday rather than on Sunday. Instead, on Sunday, the wife and I traveled up to Canton, GA to perform an Easter magic show.

Happy Easter

I really had a great time! I love being a magician and it was a joy to perform. It always is just a joy to be able to perform for people and make people happy and smile. The art of magic is just one of the most joyful and healing things I have ever done in my life. It’s always important to remember when being a magician the reason why you perform: to bring joy and happiness to others. And in bringing joy and happiness to others, you bring joy and happiness to yourself.

It’s great to get paid doing magic and it’s easy to lose perspective on why you perform the art of magic when you get paid to do it. But at the end of the day, what is always far far more important is the joy and happiness that comes with performing the art of magic and not the pay. If you lose that perspective, you stop to enjoy the performance of the art of magic and you are cease to become a great performer and when that happens, nobody will want to pay you for it anyway. In my opinion, wealth or money is simply an after effect of doing what you love to do. It’s not a universal truth, but it works for me and many others. I am certainly much happier because I take this philosophy.

In addition, I found this great article to read. You honestly, really, should read it. This is not just a link I am posting up. It truly is a must read for everybody in my opinion. We all need to do something for a living and I think this article will help people down the path to making not only a good living, but in having a happy and meaningful life: How Loving Your Job Helps You Succeed

I have much to do today. One of the things I will need to do is get my swimming pool water tested and see if any chemicals need to be added. Then, I will need to scrub the pool down as well and check the filter and skimmer. Plus, I need to run and check company mail as well as run by the bank. Right now, because I have much to do today, I will close this blog post here. I hope everybody had a Happy Easter!

Mar 27

Celebrated Easter With Family

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Celebrated Easter With Family

I had a great time today celebrating Easter with my family. We celebrated it a day earlier because I will be working tomorrow and some of the family members have plans to go to other family members houses to celebrate Easter with them tomorrow. So, it was good to be able to see the family again. We went over to my brother in law’s house and had some baked ham and grilled chicken tenderloin with barbecue sauce and home made from scratch hot wing sauce smothered on some of the tenderloins. It was awesome! We also had some mashed potatoes and green beans. Here are some Easter dinner ideas I found at this link: Easter Dinner Ideas.

I picked my wife up at the airport in Atlanta because she finished working for her company and flew in from Boston. So it was great to have my wife back after her long week of work in Boston! My dog, Brillo, was also happy to see her too! He’s very protective of my wife. My wife also spoils him too! We didn’t make it to Wild Wing Cafe, because the family had plenty of food at the brother in law’s house. I have a gig I will be working tomorrow and my wife will be going with me. We’ll be going to Wild Wing Cafe after coming back from my gig. Looking forward to eating some great hot wings! But I’ll be on the road again tomorrow just like I was today:


I’ve been wanting to get back into playing the video game “Metal Gear Phantom Pain” as well again. Past few nights have been spent playing Star Wars Battlefront and Fallout 4. I was just check out the new content that came out with the new DLCs both games just released. So, now I am ready to switch back to Metal Gear. It’s been a long day today so, I think I am going to end this blog post here while I still have a little bit of time to relax. Y’all have a wonderful evening!

Mar 26

Great Performance At Applebees

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Great Performance and Lots of Fun At Applebees

Performed at Applebees tonight in Perry and had a ball! I always have a great time when I perform strolling magic in a restaurant setting. I think a restaurant setting is one of my favorite ones to perform at. The reason is because there is tables you can set your close up mat and show a small audience some great close up magic that is wonderful art. I have a few things I really want to work on. I do a great trick right now in which a deck of cards changes into a clear cards. It’s a great little routine! What I would like to change about this particular routine is to make the some of the see through clear card suddenly melt into a see clear through block. That would be a cool addition to my current routine that I think people will enjoy!

Tomorrow will also be a great day. I will be picking my wife up at the airport. She has been in Boston all week and working hard. I know she is tired and ready to come home. We will be going to my favorite restaurant of all time: Wild Wing Cafe! I especially like the Wild Wing Cafe in Macon, GA. Wild Wing Cafe is NOT Buffalo Wild Wings. Wild Wing Cafe is a different and separate restaurant than Buffalo Wild Wings. I even introduced some of my friends to Wild Wing Cafe and now they go there all the time and love the place! Here is a link to the restaurant I am talking about: Wild Wing Cafe. I am a huge hot wing lover!

great performance

It looks like I have a booked performance besides performing at Applebees this weekend. I won’t be working tomorrow as my wife and I will be spending time with family to celebrate Easter with my brother in law and sister. So, even though we are going to get some hot wings at Wild Wing Cafe on the way back from the airport, we are also going to my brother in law’s place where he is going to be grilling up some chicken tenderloin. Sunday, on Easter, is when I will be performing. It’s all part of show business and just running a business in general. Hopefully, I will have a great performance on Sunday like I did tonight at Applebees.

Mar 25

Great Day Today And Very Productive!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Had a Great Day Today!

Today has been a great day and very productive. Stayed busy in the office talking to potential clients and emailing out contracts. Much the day was spent in the office getting things done so I feel great! I am trying to get back into my walking routine as well. Not easy to keep up with when you are running a company. It’s a challenge!

Another thing that is very interesting is that today is Harry Houdini’s birthday. Happy birthday to Harry Houdini! Harry Houdini was one of the great magicians and escape artists of all time. He was born on March 24, 1874. Here is to Harry Houdini and his birthday!

Great Day

You can also check out this website that talks about the life of Harry Houdini: Life of Harry Houdini. I hope you enjoy it!

Another thing I have been doing is playing Star Wars Battlefront and Fallout 4. Both of these games just had some new content that came out. I have the season pass on both of these games so I decided to check out some of the new content. It was pretty cool. Star Wars Battlefront has come a long ways. They have much more maps now than what they originally had. I hadn’t been able to play too many of the new maps from the newly released content. It takes a while to play through one match on Walker Assault and given that is the case, it’s hard to get to the new maps you want to check out. Doesn’t seem like you have much of a choice in what maps you play when selecting Walker Assault.

The new DLC for Fallout 4 is a robot DLC. I played the first part of the first mission of this DLC but haven’t gotten much into it either. I spent most of my time doing a side quest for the U.S.S. Constitution in the video game and finally getting rewarded with the Broadsider Hand Held Heavy Cannon. Pretty cool weapon if I do say so myself! Ha ha ha! Well, anyway, it’s time to end this blog post here. Have much to do! Take care and you guys have a great evening!

Mar 24

Lots Happening Today!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Lots Happening Today And Busy!

Man, I am telling you these past few days I have been getting hit from all sides! I mean that figuratively of course in that I have had a bunch of things happen all at once! Been trying to get around to doing a blog post since yesterday but I had to do some work on the swimming pool. Once I got that work done it was late at night and about that time, it was time to relax a little bit. I also had to run some errands yesterday and I can’t remember everything that needed to be done, but it was busy.

I think one of the errands was getting the weekly testing done on my swimming pool water. The swimming pool water looks crystal clear today and everything on the pool is running smoothly. You have do constant maintenance on a swimming pool to keep it up to standards. In addition, I have trying to get my sleep schedule back to where it needs to be. Sometimes, I will get a late night booking on a weekend and have to go and perform and then I had to take my wife to the Atlanta airport so that she could fly out to Boston for her work. By the time I got back home I had been working and performing all day and night and it was about 5 o’clock in the morning before I finally made into bed to get some sleep. Needless to say, it has taken a few days to get my sleep schedule back to where it needs to be.

So in the meantime, I will get up a little later than I usually do and get hammered from all sides in running from my company. So, it effects my walking schedule too. Sometimes, it feels like it’s just too much to do in a day. I’ll be alright and already have a plan to deal with this particular issue. I given that I had to respond to phone calls, make phone calls myself, run errands, tend to the swimming pool, make sure the dog is taken care (had to give him eye drops) and send off a few emails plus write this blog post, it’s easy to see, that I have lots happening.

I might even consider hiring somebody, but that’s something I don’t know much about. I would have to talk with attorneys, know how much to pay, screen out bad candidates. I don’t even know where to begin. I think this is a good idea to talk with some of my business friends about. I also read this article about what to do when you feel overwhelmed: 7 Things To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed

Lots Happening

I have one solution in mind right now to help me deal with lots happening all at once, but perhaps I can come up with more solutions.

Mar 18

Traveling Around To Different Places

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Traveling To Different Places

I come from a family that has done a great deal of traveling. Me personally, I was born into a military service family. Both my parents were in the US Air Force and I was born on an air force base. About 6 months after I was born, I was off to Spain because both of my parents were stationed at a US air base in Spain at the time. I lived there for about 4 or 5 years before having to move to upstate New York. When I was in upstate New York as a kid I developed a huge love for ice hockey. A very fun and great sport! I also really love the upstate New York, Lake Champlain and Vermont areas. My wife is from Vermont when I traveled back to my old childhood home as an adult and I met her there.

But after spending between 5 to 8 years in upstate New York, the air force base there got closed down so my parents were transferred to the state of Georgia where I have lived most of my life and currently do live. In addition to that, I enlisted in the Georgia Army National Guard and was sent on several deployments overseas. So, I have done my fair share of traveling around the world!


My wife will be traveling to Boston this weekend for her work and will be gone for about a week. She didn’t do much traveling until she met me. But she too enjoys traveling just like I do! I personally don’t like to travel outside of the US or Canada though. I am much more comfortable staying in the US and Canada regions and prefer to stay away from other parts of the world. Traveling to foreign countries and eating foreign food can sometimes be risky. You don’t know how well regulated foreign countries are or what their food supply will do to you. Plus the laws are different and you might be treated fairly in some of these foreign countries given you are a foreigner. Canada has always been very friendly to Americans and has always treated us very well. Been to Canada a few times when I was a kid but haven’t had a chance to do it in my older age. Would like to travel up to Canada again and see it as an adult. I think I would appreciate it more! Here are some links that talks about some of the cool places to visit in the US and Canada:

1) Top Places To Visit In Canada
2) Top Places To Visit In The US

It’s my personal preference to keep my travels in the US and Canada. Well, have a busy day tomorrow celebrating my wife’s birthday. Ohh! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everybody!


Mar 17

Preparing For Busy Weekend

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Preparing For A Busy Weekend And Got My Walk In Today!

Looks like it’s going to be a very busy Saturday. Probably a busy weekend though I am not booked on Sunday for this weekend. Have to turn the rental car in and such. I feel like I have had a wonderful day today. I feel tired right now. Don’t know why. I got plenty of sleep but I have also been pretty busy too though. I got my goals for the day written down on a piece of paper and stuffed in my pocket. I try to do this every day. Sometimes, I get so busy that I forget to write down my goals for the day. Most of the time I do though. Here is a great article which talks about why writing down your goals is important: Why Writing Your Goals Down Is Important.

I find that I fell much much better when I get up in the morning, make my bed, walk 3 to 5 miles, get a good shower and eat a good breakfast. You feel sooo sooo much better and ready to take on the world when you have to walk into your company and go to work. My company seems to throw a lot of stuff at me all at one time and when I have done all those things first thing in the morning; I already feel accomplished and confident when I go to deal with the work load of my company. You want to walk into work or running your own company already feeling like you have accomplished something for the day. This is why I do those things in the morning.


So, when preparing for this busy weekend, I will also write down some of the goals I have for the day as getting things ready for this weekend. That’s on my goal list tonight but will be for tomorrow. I really enjoyed my walk today too! One of the things that I really enjoy about walking is that it just gets me out of the house. I don’t feel couped up in the house working all the time on company stuff when I go on the walks. So, I really feel like it’s very good for me and healthy. I know I feel much better while walking and after a good walk and shower. Today was also a gorgeous day too! It was absolutely beautiful and wasn’t too hot either. Anyway, I think it’s about time for me to close this blog post here. You guys have a wonderful evening!

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