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Feb 28

Relaxing Today After Long Past Two Days

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Relaxing Today and Spending Time With Family

It has been a VERY busy past two days. Really, a very busy week. But these past two days have been especially busy. I am ready to just simply relax for the rest of the day. I don’t want to do much of anything. I think my body and mind needs this day to relax. I got up this morning, got my early morning walk, showered and then ate a big breakfast. Even so, right now, I am sneezing a lot and a little stuffy. So, I took some medicine to fight it off.

Day before yesterday I worked at the Atlanta Motor Speedway Club One performing for a charity fund raising event. Got my cousin the book “American Sniper” written by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and had one of my fellow Afghanistan war veterans sign the book for my cousin. I had him sign it because he is a war hero who received the Bronze Star with valor device and he said he knew Chris Kyle through the sniper community given that he himself is a sniper in the Army reserves. My cousin is a big Chris Kyle fan so I knew he would like the Memorial edition of the book. I plan to mail him the book tomorrow and I appreciate having one of my fellow veterans and war heroes sign the book for my cousin. Here is a link to the memorial edition of Chris Kyle’s book: American Sniper Memorial Edition

So, today, as part of my routine of relaxing, I plan to go to Best Buy or Game Stop and just browse around. The rest of my family here in Georgia will also be taking me out to eat at the Cracker Barrel. I probably should have said lets go to Buffalo Wild Wings instead of Cracker Barrel because I am in the mood for some hot wings, but I have already said Cracker Barrel and I don’t want to change my mind and be wishy washy. Anyway, I found this really cool picture that comes to my mind when I want to relax:


Anyway, I am ready to just chill and get to relaxing now after looking at this beautiful picture of the forest and waterfall.

Feb 26

Productive Day Today

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

It Was A Very Productive Day Today!

Got up early this morning, made my bed, walked two miles, got a shower and then ate a big breakfast. I amazed at how effective this approach has been for me. I was able to be very productive today taking this approach. They say the best time to exercise is in the morning when you first wake up because your metabolism is still going strong. So, I got my exercise in via walking.

I didn’t want to walk too far because I am just starting back in it. Also have a gym membership with Planet Fitness. So, if it’s really cold outside or the weather is rotten, I can get my walk in on the treadmill at the gym. Not only that, but sometimes you get tired of walking outside and might just want to watch some TV with your headphones on and walk in the gym instead. Not only that, but I might have some opportunity to work out while traveling on the road if necessary. My goal though is get some exercise in the morning when I first wake up and get 8 hours sleep.

But one of the big things I noticed though, is it seems after making your bed, getting some exercise, then getting a shower and then eating a big breakfast, I am not hungry at all for most of the day and have no desire to eat. I make it a point to eat a big breakfast though. I have noticed that with a combination of making my bed, getting exercise, having 8 hours sleep, getting a shower after exercise and then eating a big breakfast, I have ALOT OF ENERGY. I don’t get tired at all no matter how grinding the day is. Amazing how that works! I also find I am much more productive and I am able to focus and concentrate much much better.

I found this link on the benefits of eating a big breakfast in the morning: Benefits Of Eating A Big Breakfast. I don’t have the urge to snack at all throughout the day and I am certainly much more focused, productive and not worn down at all no matter how much work I might have. So, I think doing these things first thing in the morning while being sure you get a good 8 hours sleep goes a very very long ways!

I also found this link when it comes to the benefits of exercising in the morning rather than any other part of the day: Benefits of Exercising in the Morning. I also found this article on the benefits of making your bed in the morning too! Here it is: Benfits of Making Your Bed In The Morning. So, I really think these links provide a lot of insights into how to have a much more productive day. Most of that entails what you do in the morning. And I will say this, I usually look forward to going to bed at night because I know I am going to a made bed and I will sleep well.

How most of your day goes, all starts with what you do in the morning before your work day starts:


Feb 25

Went And Got A Tux For Big Event

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Went To McDonough To Pick Up Tuxedo

Well, I went to McDonough and picked up the Tuxedo I was fitted for. It’s the Tuxedo I’ll be wearing on February 26th. Here is the website of the place I went to get fitted for the Tuxedo: Black Tie Formal Wear, Inc.. The place was awesome and they did a great job! This is my first time ever wearing a tuxedo or being fitted for a tuxedo. Should be interesting performing in a tux. The tuxedo looks very formal and yet also very professional. I think it’s probably one of the better outfits for a magician to be performing in.

I also have started to get in the habit of getting up in the morning and making my bed. This is something I learned in the Army and I am doing again on purpose because he gives me one very simple and basic goal to accomplish for the day. It makes the room look much better and I have a nice made bed to go to sleep in at the end of a long day. Not only that, but it gives one goal that must be accomplished every day and it’s the first goal to be accomplished. So getting that first, very basic and easy goal accomplished at the very beginning of the day, starts your day off right with accomplishing that day’s goals.

After making my bed, I also like to write out my goals for the day, get some exercise in the morning, shower afterwards and then eat a good breakfast. Then, it’s on to the day’s work. I write down the goals for the company work day that must be accomplished. Then I set out after having made my bed, got some exercise, a shower and some breakfast working my tail off for my company. I think those four basic tasks are important every day towards living a successful life:

1) Make your bed
2) Exercise
3) Shower
4) Breakfast

After doing those 4 basic things and having had 8 hours sleep, makes accomplishing setting goals for your company much easier. It’s important to do S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting. What does that mean? Well, here is a good picture to illustrate what that means:


I think using this illustration of goal setting helps in getting things done in a realistic way without over burdening yourself with too many tasks to do in a day that you can’t get them all done. That’s one of the things I have had to learn to do is make sure my goals are attainable. If you set too many goals to accomplish in one day, then those goals are not attainable because you are overburdening yourself. When you do this, you start to get discouraged. So, you want to be sure your goals are obtainable and I have had to be sure not to overburden myself with too many goals in a day to the point that I can’t accomplish all of them. So, you want to be sure your goals are attainable so that you don’t get discouraged. I hope this particular blog post was useful to you guys!

Feb 23

Ice Hockey Win Over Soviets 36 Years Ago

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

US Olympic Ice Hockey Defeats Soviets 36 Years Ago

Yesterday, 36 years ago, the Olympic US ice hockey team defeated the Olympic Soviet ice hockey team. This was an amazing victory for team USA! It was also a very inspiring victory too! Before this game, the Soviet ice hockey team seemed unstoppable. They had played the NHL All Star Team and defeated them in the Challenge Cup 2 games to 1. The first game was a loss for the Soviets. But the second game was tense win at 5-4. But then in the 3rd game, the Soviets humiliated the NHL All Star Team 6-0 in mid season when NHLers were at their best. It was some great ice hockey!

It was not as good as hockey as this though!

It was a pretty intense game and an awesome emotional victory for Team USA!

Anyway, back to Challenge Cup history. During this NHL Challenge Cup, the Soviets weren’t used to the smaller hockey rinks of North America. They were used to the much larger European rinks. So, when they played the NHL All Star Team in 1979 they had to modify their style of play. By the 3rd game of the Challenge Cup series, they were used to the smaller rinks and then really took it to NHL All Star Team and got a 6-0 win. It was regarded as a rude awakening for the NHL. The architect of Soviet hockey was definitely on to something and was the coach for the Soviet team. Unfortunately, due to Soviet politics, he wasn’t coaching the team he molded at the NHL Challenge Cup.

His name was Anatoli Tarasov. His philosophy was that of love of the game and teamwork. I have a tremendous respect for Soviet hockey. The architect of Soviet hockey basically just totally re-invented the game. You can check out a link to this architect of Soviet hockey here: Anatoli Tarasov. His style of ice hockey was heavily influenced by a Russian ice field hockey game called bandy, ballet and the game of chess. Bandy relied heavily on passing. In Anatoli’s mind, the game of hockey should be centered around those players on the ice who did not have the puck and not the player who has the puck. In Canadian and American ice hockey at the time, the game centered around the person with the puck.

So Anatoli’s style of hockey had a different focus than Canadian and American ice hockey. I will quote word for word the Wikipedia article above to illustrate his point: “Most of them centered on passing, for he felt passing was the key to their success, ‘after all, the ultimate aim of a pass was to get a free player. So if our opponents make 150 passes in a game against our 270, this means we had 120 more playing opportunities.'” -Wikipedia article in link above. His game was centered around passing and getting more playing opportunities than the opposing team. Which playing opportunities enabled a greater opportunity to score a goal. Genius.

And then there is Herb Brooks who coached the team that beat the Soviet team. He thoroughly studied Soviet ice hockey team’s success and then went on to coach the team of college kids that beat the Soviet team to win Olympic gold. Here is a link to Herb Brooks: 1980 Team USA Coach Herb Brooks. Herb Brooks style of ice hockey was a little different than the Soviet style. His style of ice hockey was centered around a hybrid of Canadian, American and the faster European ice hockey with a big emphasis on being in tip top physical conditioning. He also studied sports psychology quite a bit and made his team unite in hatred of him. It was his way of getting them to set aside their differences and focus on a common enemy, which was him. But it also united them as a team. That was his goal was to get them to work as a team. But he did it by getting the team to set aside their differences and unite in hatred of their coach ha ha ha ha! And it worked!

I have to say, I still have a love of hockey. I played the game as a kid and I still have a great love of the game!

I also wanted to share a picture of the Anatoli Tarasov and Herb Brooks who were both inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame as builders of the game:

Ice Hockey Ice Hockey

Feb 22

Watched A Great Movie Last Night

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Watched Bridge of Spies Last Night

I watched the movie “Bridge of Spies” in which Tom Hanks played. It was a great movie! Really enjoyed it!


The movie did a good job of illustrating the shady world of spying during the Cold War. It was pretty interesting being taken back into time during the movie into the 1950s. I don’t want to reveal too much about the movie because I don’t want to spoil it. I certainly will not reveal the ending to the movie.

However, I can touch on some parts of the movie without reveal too much. One part of the movie shows who we captured a Soviet spy. We then wanted to give the appearance that we would give this Soviet spy a fair trial. We of course already knew this spy was guilty. So, Tom Hanks plays the lawyer who was put on the case to defend the spy. He is basically thrown in the role of having to do the dirty work that nobody wants to do.

No lawyer back then wanted to defend a Soviet spy because then they would be hated by the rest of America. Yet, our constitution guarantees the right to a fair and speedy trial with competent defense counsel. So, they threw the job to Tom Hanks, the very job nobody wanted. Tom Hanks (I can’t remember the name of the lawyer he plays in the movie) defends the Soviet spy. He is of course found guilty and he finds the Soviet spy is acting honorably in his native government’s best interests (which was the Soviet government). The spy could have been sentenced to death, but Tom Hanks made a case to the judge not to do so because it wouldn’t be in the best interests of the US to do so.

Instead, Tome Hanks proposed to keep the spy imprisoned and used as an “insurance policy” in the event one of our spies was captured by the Soviets so that we could do a prisoner swap in the future. That is all I will say. I will leave you to watch the rest of the movie to see how it goes. You can check out this link to read more about the movie and some reviews: Bridge of Spies.

Feb 21

Fun Performance Last Night!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Had a Fun Performance For A Birthday Party

Last night the wife and I went to a booking and had a blast. I performed a formal close up magic show for an adult birthday party. So most of the tricks were geared not towards children, but towards adults. I had an awesome time and it was great fun. I also got a few pictures of the performance to share with you guys. Part of my formal close up magic show, I perform a trick where I pop a balloon and a bottle of water appears out of it.

I blow a balloon up and talk about about how people think magicians are full of hot air. I then hit the balloon into the crowd and they hit the balloon as well until they finally hit back to me. I then complain how hot it is to wear a suit but I need to keep it on to maintain a professional image. So, I then pop the balloon using a sharp pen or pencil and a bottle of water magically appears out of it and I start to drink it stay cool! Here are a few pictures:

Fun Performance

Fun Performance

I didn’t get any video footage of me performing this the trick where I pop the balloon and a bottle of water appears out of the balloon. But if you want to get an idea of what a performance of it looks like, which mine is a little different than this link I am fixing to send you; you can check it out here:

Bottle Appearing Out of Popped Balloon

There are a lot of different ways to perform this particular trick. Some magicians use a big silk, others use a balloon like me. I also don’t perform the trick shown in the YouTube link above the exact way the performer in the video does it. I use a balloon and pop it like he does, but still my performance of this trick is a little different than his. It was a fun performance though using this trick!

I also did a sponge ball routine as well in my magic show. The sponge ball routine ends with all sponge balls changing into one big giant square sponge:

Fun Performance

Fun Performance

At the end of this show, I also performed a trick that has thought projection and ESP effects both in the trick. I am blindfolded while having the audience members focus on an object while thinking of a dream birthday vacation destination that is written on a piece of people they are looking at. Supposedly, through thought projection and reading the thought impressions of others on a focus object by using ESP, I am able to deduce exactly what is written on the piece of paper. Pretty awesome ending! Anyway, like I said, it was a fun performance!

Feb 19

Birthday Celebration Today

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Birthday Celebration Today By Going to Hockey Game

I’ll be going to an ice hockey game today as part of a birthday present gift from my family to me. My family will also be taking me to Cheddar’s before the game. We have a Cheddar’s restaurant here in my local area. It was decided to celebrate my birthday early given that I will be working on my actual birthday. My birthday is on February 26th. So, I am getting old. 39 years old!

Birthday Celebration Today

I’m also sitting here listening to one of my favorite songs from the late 1970s, Chic “Good Times” : Chic-Good Times. This song makes me want to clap my hands, act crazy and just have a good time. So, I guess if I am going to be celebrating my birthday today, this is a great song to celebrate it too!

The city of Macon, Georgia used to have an ice hockey team called the Macon, Whoopee. My understanding was that the Macon Whoopee was a very successful hockey team and was good for the city of Macon. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the team had to leave. So, now, Macon has a new ice hockey team. The name of the team is Macon Mayhem. I plan on attending more of their games. I will also be taking pictures of the game too! Then I plan on writing a blog post on it tomorrow and posting up a few pictures.

Here is a link to the Macon Mayhem’s official page: Macon Mayhem Official Web Site. I might see about buying a season pass so I can watch them when I want for an entire season. I need to check up on the cost of such tickets. So I think this will be a great birthday celebration today and lots of fun. I hope to see a great game.

Feb 18

Atlanta Motor Speedway Was Really Cool!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Had A Great Time At The Atlanta Motor Speedway!

I had an opportunity to meet a client at the Atlanta Motor Speedway as well as their corporate staff. In case you haven’t heard already, I will be performing strolling close up magic for the Magical Masquerade Gala on February 26th from 7pm-10pm. This is going to be a great event! The corporate staff at the race track showed me around Club One where we will be performing. Very nice set up. In addition, I had an opportunity to perform a few magic tricks at their meeting. I really enjoyed performing for these guys and it was awesome! After the meeting and performance, I had one of the staff members take a picture of me outside the corporate office overlooking the race track:

Atlanta Motor Speedway

I also took the opportunity to take a few more pictures of the race track itself, including a car that I saw racing out on the race track. I have no idea who was racing, but figured I would snap a few pictures with my cell phone:

Atlanta Motor Speedway




I also made a promotional video for this upcoming event which you can watch here:

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures I took with my cell phone as well as the small, quick promotional video I made. My video camera is not very good. I bought this a few years back when I first went into business. It was the only camera at the time that I could afford to buy. I am going to have to see about getting myself a better quality video camera. It’s somewhat grainy video and you can sometimes hear a clicking sound. I hope you guys still enjoy the video. I would encourage you guys to go ahead and attend this event and buy tickets to it. The ticket url for this event is at Ticket Link To Purchase Tickets For Magical Masquerade Gala Event. You can also check out their auction site to see what’s up for auction at this event: Magical Masquerade Gala Auction Site.

I hope to see some of you guys attend! Take care!

Feb 12

Performing Charitable Event On February 26th

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Performing Charitable Event: The Magical Masquerade Gala

As I mentioned before in my previous post, I will be performing at the Magical Masquerade Gala. The event will be at the Atlanta Motor Speedway Club One Venue on February 26th.

Performing Charitable Event

Here is a picture of what the inside of Club One looks like:

Performing Charitable Event

The charity benefits children in the state of Georgia with the proceeds of this event going to Speedway Children’s Charities and H.O.P.E. Park. I will be performing at this event strolling close up magic. You can check out the ticket information for this event here: Magical Masquerade Gala Ticket Information. You can also check out this link to see what is for auction: Items For Auction At Magical Masquerade Gala.

The event will have various artists such as musicians and magicians. The music, from what I have been told, that has been hired is jazz quartet. So, if you are a big jazz fan, you might want to consider coming to this event. But it looks like there are some cool items up for auction too that would most likely interest some people. We’ll see.

I will be wearing a Tuxedo for this event. So, I will need to be going to the Tuxedo place close by and get fitted for one. Should be really cool performing sophisticated close up magic in a Tux! In addition for performing charitable event on the 26 I will have a few private gigs. So, I certainly will have enough to stay busy. I will be performing another charitable event this coming April 16th as well. This particular event will be an all day event. I will definitely be getting a good work out and I think it’s going to be outside too. Well, I have much to do today. I think it’s time to end this blog post here. I have to perform at Applebee’s tonight, have plenty of gigs this weekend and want to be well rested!

Feb 11

Back To Full Throttle Working Again

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Back To Going At It Strong With The Company

I am back to going strong with the company again. My step son flew back to Vermont so now I have more time to focus on the company and working. I worked a little bit while he was here but he doesn’t come down to Georgia very often to visit, so it was important to take some time out for the family. So now, I am looking forward to working this weekend. I will be working at Applebees tomorrow from 7pm-9pm. Will be doing the usual balloon animals and table side magic. I hope to see a few of you there! This weekend will be busy as well with a calendar full of private gigs.

I intentionally left my calendar open this past weekend that way I had time for the family while the step son was down. So, this weekend, it’s going to be busy, which I am very glad and grateful. I have several things that will need to get done today after I am finished with this blog post. Get the clothes ready for tomorrow and this weekend. Pick up a rental car. Get ready to get fitted for a tux for an event I will be performing at on February 26th. Should be pretty cool working in a tux and doing strolling magic! I am definitely looking forward to it! In case you are wondering which event I am talking about it is the Magical Masquerade Gala


I will also be doing an event with this particular charity on April 16th. Not exactly sure of all the details yet, but when I know, I will post more details on the blog. In any event, I am going to have to make this blog post short because I have to rush off and get a few things done. So, I will be ending this blog post here. Take care!