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Jul 31

Performing At Two Restaurants Today and Pictures From Past Performances

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I’ll be performing at two restaurants today.  Tuckers Barbecue in Macon, GA at 12:30pm to 2:30pm as well as Applebee’s tonight from 7:00pm-9:00pm.  I also wanted to share some pictures from my past performance from Prince Shriners Nabbar Temple 128 out of Atlanta, Ga.  Really enjoyed performing for these guys!  Awesome group of guys and it was just pure fun and joy to perform for these guys!  Loved it!

PrinceHallShrinersNabbarTemple PrinceHallPerforming

Jul 30

Why I Love The Band “Sublime”

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

It’s the dalmatian dog.  That’s it! That’s why I love the band Sublime!  Well, it is the dalmatian dog, but it’s also because so far from what I have listened to, they play great music.  I hear the band is no longer around anymore.  It’s the sound of the band is the reason why I like and it their music also sounds funny, upbeat and humorous.

So far my two favorites are “Love is What I Got” and “Santeria.”  I was reading up on wikipedia they are considered a “ska punk” band.  “Ska punk” was originally out of England but one of it’s main pioneers is a band called “Fish Bone” who pioneered ska punk in Los Angeles.  I’ve heard of “Fish Bone” and I might have actually listened to some of their music, but I am not sure if I have or not.  Probably should check them out or not.

I guess the reason why I enjoy “Sublime” and the music I have listened from them so far is because of their sound.  You can tell it’s different and it seems to have several influences like Ragae and ska punk mixed in.  Plus the music has an upbeat sound and at times the lyrics to some of the song like in Santeria is funny.

Jul 29

Put On A Small Show For Visiting Family Members This Morning

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Well, had the opportunity to put on a small show for visiting family members this morning.  They of course enjoyed the show.  We had some members from my mother’s side of the family come down and visit from Michigan and it was great to see them again!  I think their favorite trick that I performed was the “Dream Vacation” mentalism trick.  Very powerful piece of mentalism.  It’s a trick where I basically pull out an envelope that has a small plastic see through window piece in the envelope and they can see inside the blue piece of paper I have wrote my “dream vacation” on.

So, the trick goes where I start asking the volunteer what their “dream vacation” is, what place anywhere in the world they would choose to have their “dream vacation” and how much money they would take if it was all just given to them to spend and which celebrity they would have go with them and write it all down on a pad of paper.  After I write all the info on a pad of paper I then pull the blue piece of paper out of the envelope and it matches exactly as they told me.

Pretty good trick and I use this particular trick in a lot of my birthday party events that I am booked at.  Family really enjoyed it!

Jul 28

My Excellent Recipe For Grilled Chicken Tenderloin Smothered With My Hot Wing Sauce

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Yesterday, I decided to grill some chicken tenderloin.  Man, I am telling you, after grilling the chicken tenderloin and preparing some hot wing sauce with it, it was the best in the world!  In the past, I would just back the chicken tenderloin with disasterous results.  I got better results baking the chicken tenderloin by wrapping it in tin foil but still, the flavor and the taste just wasn’t there.

So yesterday, grabbed some charcoal, lighter fluid, uncovered the grill, cleaned it up with the wire brush and then threw the charcoals in it and light em up.  Took some out some frozen chicken tenderloin and defrosted them in the microwave.  After the chicken tenderloin was defrosted here is the seasoning I added to it before I put it on the grill:

1)  Lawry’s Seasoned Salt (25% less sodium)

2)  McCormick Pure Ground Black Pepper

3)  McCormick Garlic Powder

So, added these seasonings to my thawed and defrosted chicken tenderloin and then put them on the grill.  I recommend grilling chicken tenderloin with this seasoning over baking the chicken tenderloin.  Grilling is healthy and it’s much more flavorful than baking the tenderloins.  I made hot wing sauce as well to put on the seasoned grilled chicken tenderloin.  Here is how I made my wing sauce:

1)  Louisiana hot wing sauce (you can buy these at Wal Mart or your local grocery store).

2)  Cayenne Pepper.

3)  Two spoonfuls of margarine

4)  black pepper

5)  Tabasco sauce

I heat the wing sauce on low to medium, no higher than medium on the stove and mix in the cayenne pepper, margarine, black pepper and tabasco sauce using a wire, metal stirrer (not sure exactly what they are called).   Once the butter is melted in the wing sauce and well stirred in, I lower the heat to low, that way I don’t overheat the wing sauce while waiting for the chicken tenderloin to finish grilling.

After the chicken tenderloins are finished grilling, I bring them in and put them in the wing sauce that is in a small pot that has been keeping the wing sauce heated for some time so that the ingredients also get soaked in good.  Take each of the grilled tenderloins that were just added to the wing sauce and put them on a plate.  I then pour some of the sauce over the chicken tenderloins to be sure all the tenderloins are well soaked in wing sauce.

It’s a good idea to let the chicken tenderloins on the plate that is covered in wing sauce sit for a little bit.  This gives the wing sauce some time to cool and stick to the chicken tenderloin.  The butter or margarine that mixed in and melted while heating the chicken tenderloin helps make the wing sauce stick and stay on the tenderloin.

Once the wing sauce that is on the tenderloin has sat for a few minutes and cooled a little bit, it’s ready to be eaten and served.  I think this particular recipe, I have experimented around through trial and error to arrive at this simple receipe that is spicy and yet also flavorful.  It’s not too spicy to kill the flavor and not to flavorful to kill the spice.  It strikes the right balance between the two.  Anyway, hope you chicken lovers and spicy food lovers enjoy!

Jul 27

10 Myths About Weather

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

One of my favorite topics is the weather.  I like sunny days personally so I can go and jump in the swimming pool.   Today, is a PERFECT day for the swimming pool.  However, as they say, business before pleasure which is why I am writing this blog post right now.  Here are 20 myths about the weather I have found.


1)  Lightening never strikes twice.

  • Tall, pointed, isolated objects can generate strong enough electric fields to be struck repeatedly. For example, the Empire State Building in New York City is struck about 100 times each year, on average.
  • If a thunderstorm is slow-moving, some lightning-prone locations can get struck multiple times from a single thunderstorm.

2)  A hurricane’s impact is determined by it’s winds.

  • Yes, a hurricane’s winds can produce significant structural damage, frequently extending well inland from the coast.
  • Half of the U.S. Atlantic tropical cyclone deaths from 1963-2012 were due to storm surge.

3)  A waterspout came ashore and became a tornado.

  • This one’s quite simple: A waterspout is merely a tornado over water.

4) Seattle is the rainiest U.S. city.

  • Thanks to the Olympic Mountains to the west of the city acting as a rain shadow, Seattle picks up less precipitation each year (37.41 inches) than New York (49.92 inches) or Miami (61.92 inches).
  • That said, Seattle has more days with precipitation (152) than both New York (121) and Miami (135).
  • Therefore, Seattle’s rain is more frequent, but light.

5) Tornado Alley lies in the Plains states.


  • “There is a substantial tornado threat for all states east of the Rocky Mountains, with the threat somewhat reduced in the Northeast,” says Dr. Greg Forbes, severe weather expert for The Weather Channel.
  • “A modern definition of Tornado Alley meant to include the longest, strongest, and deadliest tornadoes would include the Gulf Coast states, southern Tennessee Valley, and southern portion of the ‘traditional tornado alley’,” says Forbes.

6)  Chicago is the windiest city.

  • Among populated cities and towns in the Lower 48 states, Dodge City, Kan. (13.9 mph) is the windiest, on average.
  • Boston (12.3 mph), Oklahoma City (12.2 mph), and Honolulu (11.2 mph) are all windier than Chicago (10.3 mph), in an average year.

7) It’s 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity.

  • There are few locations in the world where these conditions would occur simultaneously.
  • A 90 percent relative humidity with an air temperature of 90 degrees requires a surface dew point of roughly 87 degrees.

8)  It never snows in Florida.

  • On rare occasions following a sharp Arctic front in January or February parts of Florida can see snow.
  • In early January 2010, flurries and sleet were observed as far south as the Miami suburb of Kendall.
  • In a January 1977 cold wave, West Palm Beach picked up its first snow on record. Flurries were seen in Homestead, the southernmost U.S. location to see snow of any kind.

9)  It struck without warning.

  • Eighty percent of tornadoes occur in tornado-warned areas.
  • Hurricane/tropical storm warnings are issued 36 hours in advance of those conditions arriving in the warned area. Watches are issued 48 hours in advance.
  • According to 2006 statistics, winter storm warnings are issued on average 17 hours in advance, with an accuracy of 89 percent.
  • While there are still cases that go unwarned, the statistics bear out the lion’s share of hazardous weather is warned well in advance.

10)  I’m 100% safe from lightening in my home.

  • While seeking shelter indoors in a substantial shelter is best when you first hear thunder, you can still be struck if you’re in contact with anything that conducts electricity.
  • Avoid electrical appliances, computers, landline phones and other wires. Also, avoid plumbing fixtures, metal doors and windows.


Anyway, hope you enjoyed some of these myths about the weather!











Jul 26

LONG Day Yesterday and it was HOT!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Did magic and balloon animals for 7 hours plus all the travel time in the hot blazing, humid sun!  Face is red from all the sun but I am not sunburned.  Definitely earned my dollar yesterday but I was glad to have the work!  Got up early in the morning about 5:00 and let me dog out and then left out about 6 o’clock and didn’t get back until about 11:30 at night.  Today is just going to be a day to relax a little bit and recover.  Probably hit the swimming pool or have my family come over to see if I can get a game of “Conquest of Nerath” going.  Brother in law and I have been wanting to play for it a long time.

Elder Scrolls Online and Mortal Combat have been two addicting video games to play as well.  Really have been enjoying both games.  Mortal Combat can be a but graphic and brutal but the game play is a lot of fun though.    Anyway, today, I think I am simply going to keep this blog post short and simple and then find something good to blog about tomorrow.  Take care!


Jul 24

Won’t Be Attending My Grandmother’s Funeral

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I visited my grandmother earlier this month just before she passed a day or two ago.  I still have a company to run and I have bookings to work, so I won’t be attending my grandmother’s funeral.  My family completely understands given that I visited her earlier this month and the long drive it entails to go back to Michigan.  My wife and mother will be attending the funeral.  Wife has to go up with my mother because she just had her retina re-attached to her eye and still needs cataract surgery so she can’t see too well to make a long drive herself.

So the wife and my mother will be traveling up for my grandmother’s funeral.  I was just glad that I was able to visit with her earlier this month just before she passed away.  She was a great, hard working, farm woman who had the biggest heart and she will be missed and will always live in my heart and memory.

This weekend, I have a few bookings.  So, looking forward to working my bookings.  Already have everything ready to go.  Looking forward to having a busy weekend!

Jul 23

Well, My Grandmother Just Passed Away Last Night

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Found out this morning past midnight my grandmother passed away at about 11:30pm last night.  She was one great woman with a big heart.  I have a few bookings this coming Saturday to perform at, so, my cousin is making funeral arrangements and will probably be having the viewing this Monday and her funeral Tuesday.  Fortunately, I don’t have any bookings on Sunday, so this will enable me to have time off to attend my grandmother’s funeral.

My grandmother will always live in my heart and she was just a wonderful woman.  My wife and I took a trip up to Michigan to visit her earlier this month before she passed away last night.  We had a great time visiting with her and I felt it was well worth the trip.  Glad I took the opportunity to drive up to Michigan and visit my grandmother before she passed away.  My understanding was that she passed away peacefully and painlessly.  Glad to hear she died peacefully.

In honor of my grandmother, I think I will post a picture of her and my family here:



Jul 22

One of My Favorite TV Shows “Unsolved Mysteries” Had A Tragic Episode On It

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

One of my favorite TV shows (ironic eh? here I am a magician who is tasked with creating mystery and one of my favorite TV shows is “Unsolved Mysteries”) is “Unsolved Mysteries.”  I just watched this episode on the TV series about how one vehicle hit another vehicle (not bad enough to total any of the cars or make any of the cars un-driveable) and the vehicle that hit the other vehicle just sped off without stopping.  So the guy whose vehicle was hit, gets mad, jumps in his car that just got hit and decides to play hero and go after the guy who hit him.

So he speeds up and finds the vehicle that he thinks hit him and tells the guy to pull over.  The other vehicle who he is telling to pull over, which has three guys in it, doesn’t pull over.  So the whole fiasco turns into a high speed chase and the guy whose car was initially hit finally blocks off the other guy who would not pull over when asked to do so.   The guy whose car was initially hit gets out and as he gets out one of the women in the car gives him a knife which he hid in his back pocket as he got out of his car.

So, it turns into a confrontation in which the guys who ran jump back into their car and the guy whose car was hit jumps on top of the car and the driver of the car was trying to shake him off because the other guy pulled out a knife and starts stabbing the driver.  The driver stops the car, gets out and dies on the scene.  What makes this tragic besides the fact somebody was murdered?  Well, it turns out, this was not the car that hit anybody at all.  In his rage to get the guy who hit his car initially and when he decided to jump in his car and play hero, he ends up getting the WRONG CAR and stabbing somebody TOTALLY INNOCENT!

So, it was just one tragedy all the way around, and the guy who got mad and tried to chase after the other guy who hit his car got convicted of second degree murder in court.  Then, his girlfriend (or was it his wife, can’t remember for sure) is later found to have committed suicide before her boyfriend/husband was to report to prison.  The guy convicted of second degree murder, they never found his body and some seem to think he did not commit suicide at all with his girlfriend/wife.   “Unsolved Mysteries” stated that he may still very well be alive and he never reported to prison like he was supposed to after his conviction in court on second degree murder charges.   So, it’s a mystery where this guy’s whereabouts are and the victim’s family seems to think he might be still alive and hiding under an assumed identity.

Anyway, “Unsolved Mysteries” a great TV show and one of my favorites!

Jul 21

A List Of Some People That Inspire Me And Who Are My Heroes

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Sup everybody?  I hope all of you guys are doing awesome today!  This sounds like a great topic to blog about!  I wanted to talk about some heroes or people that I look up to as heroes.  Some of my criteria for “hero” is somebody who is successful, sets a good example, a leader, helps others, conducts himself in a universally acceptable moral way, serves others and in many cases puts themselves last (though not necessarily all the time) and has exceptional character.  So, that is some of my criteria that fits into people I look up to and view as a “hero.”  I guess “hero” is an abstract concept and we make our own heroes in our own minds.  But I think it’s a good idea to have a few heroes in your life that meet this criteria.

1)  My family-  I would not be where I am at today without my family.  I owe a lot to my family who have selflessly sacrificed for me.  So my family are my number one heroes.

2)  Senator John McCain –  I like to avoid politics in my blog posts, but I am also a fellow veteran and I feel Senator John McCain has exceptional character.  His service in the Navy as well as a US Senator indicates to me a life of service to others as well as fighting for the American ideals of freedom.  The way he has conducted himself while in captivity in Vietnam indicates he put himself last and his fellow service members as well as the United States first.  He is also a leader who is able to inspire people to go in the right direction and to become better people (at least Senator McCain has inspired me to become a better person with the example he has set with his character).

As a leader, it’s important to be able to inspire others.  Senator McCain is also very humble, which is key to being a leader and somebody with good character.  His record, as far as I can tell, on veterans issues has been good.  I served in Afghanistan with the Georgia Army National Guard and I know he has made numerous visits as well as worked on and help to get legislation passed to help veterans back home here in the US.  All in all, I rate Senator McCain a hero who sets a positive example.

3)  Benjamin Graham –  He is no long alive, but he still lives on in his book “The Intelligent Investor.”   Benjamin Graham inspires me to save and invest plus the timeless wisdom found in his book.  He also taught Warren Buffet how to invest who took Benjamin Graham’s timeless wisdom and transformed himself into the 2nd or 3rd richest man on the planet.   Benjamin Graham talked about the importance of saving, diversifying your investments and finding a “margin of safety” in each investment while at the same time diversifying to put the odds heavily in your favor that over the long term, you will make money.

Benjamin Graham also talked about “Mr. Market” in his book in which he describes how, sometimes, “Mr. Market” gets overly excited and quotes prices that are too high for his stocks and at other times becomes overly depressed and quotes prices that are far less than the true value of the stocks he sells.  The intelligent investor obviously seeks to buy from “Mr. Market” when he is quoting prices for his stocks that are less, ideally significantly less, than the true value of his stocks.  Benjamin Graham was an advocate of buying stocks that has been paying dividends for a long period of time non-stop and a company that has had no losses in at least 10 years on top of that with far more assets than liabilities.  This gives the investor a “Margin of Safety” for the principle of his investment and puts the odds more favorably in his favor that he will make money in the long term.

4)  Warren Buffet –  He put Benjamin Graham’s wisdom from his book “The Intelligent Investor” into practice and transformed himself into a very successful investor and businessman.  Part of being a great investor requires you to be a great businessman.  Warren Buffet has also advocated for more income equality and for the wealthy to pay more in taxes.  He is not somebody who believes in having a plutocracy.  So, for me, because he is the embodiment of putting Benjamin Graham’s wisdom into practice and is against large income inequality, I rate him as a hero.  At least one of my personal heroes.


So, that is a short list of my heroes and why they inspire me and who, as far as I know and from what I can tell, for the most part, have great character.

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