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Apr 30

Got Some of Magician Danny Orleans Courses

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I have recently purchased a few of magician Danny Orleans courses on presenting magic to children and presenting magic to teenagers.  In both courses, he shows his specific magic show for teenagers and children.  I hadn’t seen his magic show for teenagers yet, but he has a great children’s magic show.  I especially like his presentation of several magic classics in his DVD.   I plan on spending most of the day watching his two courses in magic in presenting magic to teenagers and children.  Should be really awesome and a lot for me to learn!  Really excited about learning from Danny Orleans.  And I am impressed with his children’s magic show as well.

In addition to studying Danny Orlean’s magic courses, I will also be studying up on maintaining a swimming pool!  Family needs help in maintaining the new swimming pool.  It looks like I will be maintaining it for about 2 to 3 times a week.  So, I’ll be staying pretty busy.  My cousin also will be in town today and we’ll be going out to eat at Wild Wings Cafe.  Wild Wings Cafe is my favorite restaurant and has the best hot wings!  I am a huge hot wing eater.  I watch the amount of wings I take in because I don’t want to take in too many calories, but I will never stop eating hot wings.  I have been able to lose weight and still keep eating hot wings, just have to watch the amount I take in.  Got a busy day today, so, I’ll end this blog post here!

Apr 29

Swimming Pool Looks Beautiful

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

It’s good to see the hard work of my brother in law, my mother and myself pay off.  After my brother in law cleared out my mother’s old deck and repaired her chimney, my mother hired a local pool company to come over and install a pool.  So, they showed up with a bulldozer and sand to make a level spot for the pool and the pool crews showed up and installed the pool.  It’s an above ground swimming pool and looks beautiful!  Very proud of my mother that she worked so hard to earn a new deck and swimming pool.  She’s worked hard most of her life and deserves something nice like that.   Now, I can’t wait to jump in it and go swimming!  Especially when it gets hot in the summer time!


Apr 28

Had A Nice “Day Off” For A Change

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Been working really hard these past several weeks running my company and helping my mother tear down her deck and repair her chimney and then got hammered with a whole bunch of bookings this weekend.  So, yesterday, was a day I took to sleep a little bit and spend some “fun money” on myself.  Bought a new video game called “Wolfeinstein” for the PS4.  I bought it because I was talking to a guy at Gamestop and he highly recommended it.  Turns out to be a fun game.

I also just passed out and went to sleep too.  I think my body was just telling me “Hey William!  You need to slow down a little and get some sleep.”  But even yesterday, I had to attend to some company duties as you can never really, truly completely have a day off from your company.  But I kept the work to a minimum yesterday after working a very long weekend of gigs and have been doing construction work for my mother at her house to save her some money.

I also ordered a few DVDs and a book.  There is a magician named Danny Orleans out of Chicago, Illinois.  He sells a few DVDs on his website, so I bought his DVD courses on “How To Present Magic To Teenagers” and “How To Present Magic To Children.”  Wanted to see if I could learn something new from his DVD courses. I also bought his corporate lecture notes and a book on his website about trade show magic.  I would really like to work more trade shows.  I already worked one trade show and did a good job, but I wouldn’t mind working a few more.

My mother is having her swimming pool put in today too.  So, it was good to see the hard work that my brother in law and myself put in paid off and saved her a lot of money.  She is very excited about having a swimming pool and having a new deck built into it.  She’s worked hard all her life.  She earned it.  Plus, the family will be over to go swimming in her swimming pool, so I know the family will really enjoy it.  Well, time to close this blog post here.  Everybody have a wonderful day!

Apr 27

Really Enjoying This Classic 80s Music Video And What Tough Times Teach

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Been listening to Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” on YouTube: .  I have always enjoyed 80s music.  I think in part because as a kid I grew up on 80s music.  But the 80s were a good, happy time from what I remember despite that era having it’s own problems.  I remember the 80s as an economically more stable time, probably because my parents were both in the military and had a stable financial situation.  But it seemed liked the economy was more stable back then.  Some of the hard economic times we have experienced and then my subsequent military service in Afghanistan with the Georgia Army National Guard and the tough times serving in a time of war and the tough economy has really toughed me up and I think made me a better person.

I think I am better prepared for the future because tough times taught me that good times do last and you have to be ready for the worst.  But it also made me appreciate the good times and to appreciate the good times when you have them.  In addition, one way I have learned to make it through tough times is that tough times also do not last and eventually the good times come again.  It’s this knowledge that gives me resilience during tough times because I know hard times don’t last either and eventually good times comes again.

It gives you hope and to keep looking and working and fighting for a better future.  Tough times also teach you that good times and prosperity comes with a price and if you want to enjoy good times and prosperity you have to work hard for it and pay the price.  I look back in the recent hard economic times and my war time service in Afghanistan and see where I am now and I have nothing but thanks and gratitude.  I am extremely fortunate and humbled to have the life that I have.

Apr 26

Another Day, Another Dollar

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Got a booking in Columbus, GA today.  Already have my rental car loaded up and ready to go.  Worked my booking last night as well in Atlanta, so needless to say, it’s been a very a busy weekend.  Grandmother came into town to visit with the family on the way back to Michigan but I didn’t get a chance to catch her.  Spoke with her on the phone to see how she’s been doing.  Now, my cousin is also in Atlanta from Michigan and called to see if he can drop by.  But I got another booking today.  It’s how it goes when you run and own a business.  I think I’ll get a chance to see my cousin and I think he plans on stopping by to visit the family.  I’ll have to give him a call to see what’s up.  Well, time to close this blog post here.  Have to get ready to hit the road!

Apr 25

Grandmother and Uncle Coming To Visit Family Today

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

My grandmother from Michigan and uncle from Canada is coming today unexpectedly to visit family.  Unfortunately, I might not be able to see them because I have bookings I have to work this weekend as well.  They haven’t shown up yet, but I am hoping they show up before I have to leave.  It would be good to see them again.  My grandmother rarely gives advance notice that she is coming, so it’s difficult to plan for her to show up.  We welcome her because she is grandmother.

My brother in law and sister also have plans today too as they bought tickets for a show they are going to attend in Atlanta.  We would all really like for her to see her great grand kids.  They didn’t know either she would be coming until here past day or two.  Well, hopefully she shows up before I have to take off to work my bookings.  I hope she has a chance to see her great grand kids as well today.

My grandmother was a very hard working woman all her life and she lived all her life on a farm.  Worked from sun up till sun down every single day.  There was no breaks.  But another great thing about grandmother is that she is her 90s and is still very strong and healthy.  I guess when you work hard on a farm all your life and eat home grown and raised food fresh from the farm, you live long like that.

Anyway, time to end this blog post here!

Apr 24

Getting a Kick Out of Sublime’s “What I Got”

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

It’s an old song, but I get a kick out of listening to Sublime’s “What I Got.”  I am not a band groupie by any means and I don’t know the history of the band.  But the song “What I Got” is a trip to listen to.  Brother in law was singing the song yesterday while working at my mother’s house clearing out the rest of the chopped up lumber.  So, he kinda got me into the song.  I am not going to post the lyrics to the song here on my blog, but it’s pretty funny to listen to and the song has a great tune and beat to it.

Got a weekend full of bookings coming up this weekend.  In addition to working at my mother’s house, I work for my company too.  So, I get grumpy because of the stress of having to do two tasks at once like that which can be overwhelming.  Running a company is a full time job that you can never really walk away from.  Yet family is a priority for me too.

So, I make time for both but it’s also stressful too and I get a bit grumpy.  Most of the work at my mother’s house is done though.  But there is a few side projects she is going to need me to do.  Her house needs a pressure washing, so I will do it that, but will do it piece meal so that I can keep a good balance between running my company, making sure her house gets the pressure washing it needs and spending time with my wife and having a little time for myself.

Not always easy to keep a good work, life balance.  But even business owners have to make time for family.  It’s not easy keeping a good balance in life, but it’s something every business owner that runs a company has to deal with.  Anyway, time to end this blog post here!

Apr 23

Been Playing The Video Game Destiny

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

You know, once you get into the game, Destiny, it’s a pretty fun game!  I have been enjoying the game a lot.  When I have a little spare time at night, I get on my PS4 and put in Destiny and start playing.  I have the expansion pass as well, but, I think you have to get to a certain level first before you can get into the expansion.  They’ve already had an expansion come out but again, haven’t been able to get into the expansion it seems because my character is not a certain level yet.  It looks really fun some of the new weapons and equipment that in the expansion of the game.

My favorite part of the game though has to be going on fire team raids with other players as your team mates where you fight your way to a big boss and then have to fight a big boss at the end.  It’s pretty tough to beat the big boss at the end and in most cases the fire team will die several times as a whole before finally being able to defeat the big boss at the end.  So, it’s a fun game, it’s challenging, it’s not over-challenging so it has just that right combo of challenge and fun and yet, not over-challenging.  Well, have to end the blog post here as I got plenty of work to do!

Apr 22

Just Got Back From the VA Doctor, Lost Weight, New Weight Loss Goal

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Well, I just got back from the VA Doctor and it looks like I lost about 30 pounds since my last visit.  I weighed in at 246 pounds and so my new weight loss goal is to be at 230 pounds by January 2016.  My doctor was very pleased with everything including all my blood work.   We set 230 pounds as realistic goal for me to reach by January of next year.

The beautiful weather seems to be continuing, which is great.  Glad to see the sun shine stay out.  Brother in law and myself will finish moving the last bit of lumber so my mother can have the pool guys come in and install a new swimming pool and get her a new deck built as well.  I’ll be doing some pressure washing on the house as well.  I’ll get that done before the new deck is built.  Well, time for me to end this post here and get to helping my brother in law haul off the remainder of the lumber.

Apr 21

Sure Am Glad The Sun Is Out Today!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Well, the sun has finally come out!  Today is a beautiful day!  It has been raining like crazy for the past week or two.  It just seemed like every day for the past week or two it has been gloomy and raining.  But finally, today, the sun is out and it looks awesome outside.   This will also make it easier to haul off the remaining lumber left from my mother’s torn down deck.  Brother in law, his brother and myself tore down the deck and then we also already hauled off the trees that we cut down too.  But the weather has worked against us the entire time.  Now, we only have a little bit of lumber left to haul off, but we are planning to do that tomorrow.  Shouldn’t take long and hopefully, it will be a beautiful day tomorrow.  We plan on using the lumber to build a bonfire at my brother in law’s mother’s house, so we are going to use his truck to haul off the lumber.  Anyway, time to close this post here.

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