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Aug 13

Today Was A Hot Day!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Today was a HOT day today!  I pretty much stayed inside as much as possible in the air conditioning.  Even while inside in the air conditioning, it still felt hot inside the house, but not quite as hot outside.  Tried not to move around too much.

Anyway, been booking more gigs off thumbtack and Gigmasters.   Hadn’t had much like with Gigsalad and this other website that offers entertainment, though I do get some leads off Gigsalad.  Well, we’ll see what happens.

Turned in my comedy assignment to Zach Waldman, the instructor of the comedy class I am taking.  Learned some pretty cool stuff like the importance of just being yourself in your comedy.  I plan to take what I learn in the comedy class and improve my magic shows.  I think people will enjoy a guy who can make them laugh in addition to the magic tricks.  My next class is this Wednesday so it should be interesting to see what Zach is going to do with the comedy assignment I turned into him.

Accidentally washed my phone today!  Darn it!  I had to go and buy another phone tonight and I get to get the phone number switched over to the new phone tomorrow morning or afternoon sometime.  It’s a nice little Samsung phone.

Hopefully, I will be back to performing at Applebee’s in Macon.  I’ll give them a call tomorrow afternoon at about 2:00 when they are not busy.  Still work the Applebee’s in Perry as they are a little more busier than the Applebee’s in Macon.  Well, we’ll see what tomorrow will bring.  Time to end this blog post here.  Take care!

Aug 09

Working On A Comedy Assignment

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Well, a buddy of mine named Zach Waldman has been teaching me the art of comedy.  So, as part of his class, I had to record myself talking about a topic I cared about and then transcribed which I did.  The topic I chose was the “The Status of the American Dream And A  Divided Nation.”   So, I pretended to call my brother in law Derek on the phone and talk about the topic and then transcribed it afterwards.  It was a pain transcribing it because I wanted to be sure I got an accurate transcription and then afterwards I had to take each sentence and hit enter and put it on it’s own line in Microsoft Word.  I type pretty fast and accurate, about 54 words per minute without error, but it was still tough transcribing it.  I hear the paralegals in the very least type about 60 words per minute without error.  That’s pretty good but I digress.

Anyway, so I got the first assignment done and then I got the second assignment.  So, after each sentence in the transcription, I had to go ahead write my reaction to each sentence.  I think I am understanding where Zach is going with this as I can see after reading the sentence then my reaction to some of them, it’s pretty funny.  Now, in any of this, I cannot try to be funny, just be myself.  Yet by doing it this way, after reading it, it’s pretty funny.  Pretty cool eh?  I plan on taking this piece of comedy and incorporate it into one of my favorite card tricks that I have been performing for decades.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.  So, I will have a great magic trick along with awesome showmanship in performing the magic trick.

Well right now, it’s time for me to close this blog post.  Good night everybody!

Aug 06

Taking A Break And Listening To Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner on Youtube

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I know I said I was only going to write a blog post once a week, but today I was in a good mood and decided to write another one even though it hasn’t been a week.  Right now, just been transcribing a recording of myself to eventually use for comedy material in my close up magic show.  I have to constantly rewind the recording to be sure I get it transcribed correctly.  After transcribing a little bit, I decided to to listen to an old song that is one of my favorites:  Suzanne Vega and Tom’s Diner on youtube  .   Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the song as much as I do!

Aug 05

Back In Action

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Hello everybody!

I am back in action again after a long break from posting on my blog.  I am going to start writing one blog post a week because writing a blog post every day is probably too time consuming and un-necessary.  Part of the reason why I ended up taking a break from blogging was because I got depressed for a little bit.  The Veterans Administration diagnosed me with PTSD several years ago after my tour in Afghanistan with the National Guard and I had a PTSD episode several months back that put in me in a state of depression for several weeks.

I eventually went to a VA scheduled appointment and told the doctor about the PTSD episode and the several weeks long depression afterwards.  I also started hanging out at the IAVA website, the Iraq and Afghan Veterans of America and it’s always always great to hang out with my brothers and sisters who are my fellow veterans of my generation.  I feel right at home when I visit that website and chat with my fellow vets.  It’s always great to have a home and a second family like that.

Eventually, I came out of it and kept performing magic and didn’t give up.  However, I didn’t blog at all and it’s almost as if I forgot about blogging.  So a buddy of mine reminded me to get back to blogging as part of my business.  Thanks Zach!  So, here I am again, blogging away about my love of magic, comedy and show business.

I have been on, and for months now and been booking party gigs.  I am now also studying comedy.  One of my tasks is to record myself talking about a topic I care about but don’t try to be funny when I discuss it.  I have to record myself as if I was talking to a good friend on the telephone about it.  Afterwards, I have to transcribe what I talked about.

So I got myself recorded talking about the Current Status of the American Dream and A Divided Nation.  Basically, talked about how the American Dream is tough to come by these days and the difference between the American Dream and the American Reality.  I also talked about how divided we are as a nation.  I reckon the guy (dude who has also taught me a lot about business in magic, I guess everybody needs a mentor when first starting out) who is teaching the comedy course is going to teach me how to take this topic and make it funny.  Should be interesting.  Anyway, time for me to split and I will be posting in about a week!  Take care!