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Sep 30

Looking Forward To Visiting With Relatives From Out of Town

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

My family has some relatives from out of town who are visiting.  After I finish with my gig at Wow Cafe and Wingery, plan on visiting with those relatives.  It’s always good to have family from out of town stop by and visit.  Last night my gig at Applebees went really well.  I’ll also be posting a picture I took at Applebees on Facebook just give the business page more content.  Maybe post it here on the blog as well.  Anyway, time for me to split!


Sep 29

Performing At Applebees and Wow Cafe This Weekend

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I just wanted to remind everybody that on Saturday, September 29 from 7pm-9pm, I will be performing at Applebees in Perry, GA (100 Valley Dr) and on Sunday, September 30 I will be performing at Wow Cafe and Wingery from 12pm-2pm.  So, come on over to both places for awesome food and a great time!  You won’t regret it and you’ll be glad that you stopped by for the food and magical entertainment!

In other news, my wife and I have our anniversary coming up.  We’ll be celebrating it this Monday!  So, we have been married for 3 years.  I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife!  May, you are the best!  Love you!

Sep 28

Checking To See If Perry National Fair Booth is Possible

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Well, another day!  Tomorrow, plan on calling up the Perry fairgrounds and see how much it would cost to have a booth at the Perry National Fair this year.  It will be a good opportunity to get the company’s name out there.  Maybe even do a few magic tricks.

The company has also been going strong on Twitter and Facebook.  We have a video up on our business Facebook page, plus the month of September’s newsletter.  Currently working on a Halloween themed October Newsletter.  Speaking of Halloween, my wife and I plan on going to “Haunted Montrose” which is a very popular Haunted House attraction here in the Middle GA area.  We went last year and had a blast!  So, we already got our tickets for this year and our VIP passes!  It’s going to be great fun!

Sep 27

Awesome Video Of William Performing Coin Trick!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I uploaded this video to our Facebook Business page as well.  Here is a video of one of my performances of a coin trick.  I start out with 4 quarters in one hand and slowly and gradually three quarters mysteriously vanish from one hand and re-appear in the other hand.  The last quarter is taken, while the other three quarters is given to a volunteer.  The last quarter then mysteriously vanishes from my hand and appears magically in the volunteer’s hand!  You can view this video which is pinned to the top here on our Facebook business page:



Sep 25

Running All Over the Place

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Well, been running all over the place today, taking care of the business and running a few errands for the business.   Also been practicing a magic trick I have been working on for a month or two.  Gotten much better since performing it a few times for a live audience.  Tomorrow I will be performing at Applebees on 2574 Riverside Dr, Macon GA.  Looking forward to the gig.  As it always is, it will be fun.

Also been looking for the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War.”  Video Warehouse closed before I got a chance to see if they had a movie.  It’s a movie of when the Soviets occupied Afghanistan and the Congressman Charlie Wilson and his efforts to expel the Soviets from Afghanistan.  Seems like an interesting movie especially considering our current involvement in Afghanistan.  Anyway, time for me to end this blog post here!  Good night!

Sep 21

Enjoying Myself Running The Company

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

It seems each new day brings a new discovery and learning something new when it comes to running this company.   I couldn’t ask for a better job!  Today, I learned how to more efficiently manage and run my social media accounts!  It was awesome “discovery.”  The methods have been around for a while of course, but I just learned about them today, so it was cool!

I have also been keeping up with practicing my magic.  The most powerful marketing tool this company has is it’s people and the ability of it’s magician to entertain and amaze others through the art of magic.  Everything else is just icing on the cake.  I look forward to tomorrow as well as the company has a few things going on that I must attend to.  But, it’s great fun and I couldn’t ask for a better job than to run a company whose purpose to entertain, market and help others sell through the interactive use of magic!  What a wonderful idea!

Sep 19

Fun, Productive Day

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Wife currently has the truck and my car is getting repaired in the repaired shop.  Got a ride to my gig and performed at Applebee’s.  Applebee’s manager stated she has been getting a lot of positive comments on their comment cards about the magic, so I am pleased.  I aim to keep my restaurant customers happy.

Besides the business of magic, I have been keeping an eye on my dog.  He seems to have allergies.  Licks his paws and bites his nails sometimes.  The vet put him on Atopica, which is the brand name for cyclosporine.  It seems to be helping his allergies.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get Brillo off the Atopica pills completely.   One of the side effects I read is that it makes him shed more, so I have been using the deshedder on him just about every day.  I also read the way Atopica works is by interfering with the dog’s immune system because it is the immune system that causes him to have an allegeric reaction in the first place.  I don’t want Brillo to use Atopica too much because then I read some of the side effects is that vaccines might not be as potent for him because the vaccines depend on immune system response and atopica partially shuts down the immune system in order to help prevent allergic reactions.  So, it’s a balancing act.

Anyway, I hope everybody is having a great week!  I really enjoyed myself performing at Applebee’s tonight!  The business keeps me busy.  Once I get my car repaired, I am going to start looking at attempting to land some gigs with distributor companies helping to sell and brand their products in an interactive way through the use of the performance of magic.  Should be interesting!


Sep 18

Practicing Tough Magic Trick

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Still practicing up and trying to get one particular magic trick I have been working on for weeks if not months.  It’s the quarter through the glass trick.  Just trying to get it as perfect and well done as possible.  Even the most smallest of detail matters.  Things you wouldn’t even think of that are so subtle, as it turns out, really matters to making this trick being performed really well or mediocre.   And it’s the smallest, most subtle parts of the trick that are not only the most important, but often the most over-looked AND toughest!  Amazing how these things matter in practicing a magic trick to get it to near perfection to where it looks really awesome and blows people away and yet, it seems, those who are not magicians have no idea of the tremendous amount of hard work and months of practice to perform a trick that will last only a few seconds.   I guess that’s just the “cross I got to bear” as one magician told one time when I talked about how laymen have no idea of the tremendous amount of hard work and months of practice that you have to do, in order to dazzle people with a trick that will last a mere few seconds.

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