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Jul 30

August Winners Have Been Drawn

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I have drawn the August winners for $25 gift certificates to Applebees and Wow Cafe and Wingery in Warner Robins, GA.  I am just waiting to hear back from them before I announce who they are (if I am given permission to use their names).  So, it’s pretty cool to be able to reward out these gift certificates and give my email subscribers and restaurant customers something decent.

I might be on some deal sites (though I am not sure yet) where a good deal is offered for my services at parties.  I am not sure yet if I am going to be on one of those deal sites yet or not.  We’ll see.  Anyway, it was a busy weekend of performing!  I had a ball!  The August e-newsletter for my email subscribers should be rolling out here pretty soon!  have  a few stories about performing in restaurants.  You guys have an awesome week!  Great to have some readers of my blog.  Take care!

Jul 28

Awesome Time At Applebees in Perry!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I had an awesome time at Applebees in Perry!  Worked last night there for 4 hours.  I also tried out a new magic trick that involves a ring with a rubber band.  The effect of the trick is taking a detached ring and rubber band that has been both inspected by the spectator and causing the ring to visually penetrate onto the rubber band.  It’s a nifty little trick to perform at restaurants.  I am also learning a new addition to this trick where the ring magically penetrates off the rubber band.  But last night was great fun!  They had some kind of rodeo in town as well in Perry, so we had people from all over the United States showing up at the restaurant to eat.  Tonight, I work at Applebees in Macon, GA.  So, I am looking forward to working tonight.  I am also excited about learning some really awesome new magic tricks and performing them at my restaurant gigs!  Part of the fun of restaurant magic is learning new magic tricks, practicing them and then performing them in front of restaurant customers to see their reactions.  Plus, it’s part of the value a magician brings to a restaurant by constantly coming up with new material and magic and keeping the customers wanting more!

Jul 27

Learned A New Magic Trick And Rodeo in Perry GA

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I learned a new magic trick with a ring and rubber band and will be performing it at Applebees in Perry tonight.  Tonight, I will not be performing at Wow Cafe and Wingery in Warner Robins as Applebees in Perry, GA has asked me to perform for 4 hours tonight.  It was explained to me that they have a rodeo in town and that they are going to be very busy.  Wow Cafe said it was OK that I performed for them for 4 hours and I can just go back to my regular schedule next Friday.  Well, it should be a lot of fun tonight! I am looking forward to the big crowd and seeing how well this new magic trick goes over!  I think I will do just fine!

Jul 24

Marketing Survey Complete, Reading Interesting Book

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Well, the survey my company has been taking is complete.  After the survey responses were completely entered it was interesting to see the statistics.  I have also drawn a name for the winner of the $25 Applebees gift certificate and waiting for a response from the winner.  Hopefully the winner will respond soon otherwise I will have to draw another name if I don’t hear back from the first name I drew.

A book I have been reading is “Sleights of Minds” which is a book where neuroscientists and magicians get together to learn from one another.  As it turns out, neuroscientists are interested in magic because it tells them a lot about how the human mind perceives the world around us and why the human mind and human perception can be fooled so easily.  It’s a great book!   Right now I am on the chapter that is discussing visual illusions.  It’s going through a history of how painters create visual illusions when they create a painting (such as the illusion of depth when in reality their is no depth on the paper, but the painter creates the illusion of depth in his painting).  Anyway, if you are magician or neuroscientist, I definitely would recommend the book to you.

Jul 23

My New Dog Is Getting Me In Better Shape

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I got a new dog not too long ago and I have to walk him about twice a day.  He’s a very active dog!   It’s been good for me because I need to lose some weight so the walking is good for me.  My dog is a dachshund mix (dachshund and jack terrier).  I think the jack terrier part of him is what makes him such an active dog.  I have also been reading about different breeds of dogs.

I think in the future, after I no longer have the dachshund mix dog, I would like to get a German Shepherd puppy and raise him to be a family dog/working dog.  German Shepherds make good family dogs so long as they are properly socialized and have a lot of courage (being a combat veteran I respect and honor courage and bravery and German Shepherds appeal to me because they are courageous and brave).  Not to mention, from what I have read, this particular breed of dogs is ranked the 3rd smartest breed of dog in the world, so German Shepherds are easy to train and intelligent to where they would make a good watch and family dog.  Well, this will end my blog post for tonight.  I hope all is well for people who are reading my posts out there!

Jul 21

Been Conducting A Survey

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

I have been conducting a survey and I am interested in hearing your responses!  The survey is really short (5 multiple choice questions which is easy) and it will take probably just a minute of your time.  You can find the survey here: .  If you take the survey and fill it out completely, I will enter your name to win a $25 gift certificate to one of the restaurants I perform at (It’s an Applebees gift certificate).  So far, the results of the survey have been interesting!  I enjoy these surveys because you learn things about local markets that you sometimes don’t expect.  Well, I am fixing to go over to my sister’s house and visit with the family.  Y’all take care!

Jul 19

Learning Pros And Cons of Several Things In Email Marketing

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Been a long and educational day on email marketing.  Learning about how AWeber operates, spam laws and the pros and cons of double opt ins vs single opt ins and the most effecient, cost effective way to do my email marketing.  I am also preparing to start another website which will target market distributor companies.   So, I am spending a lot of time re-reading Marlon Sanders ebook product on writing sales letters.  I read his entire ebook one time, but it’s time to re-read it again before I give it another go at writing my second sales letter.  Well, I am getting tired and want to watch some Netflix on my wife’s Kindle Fire, so, I am going to end this blog post here.

Jul 18

Back From Vacation!

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Just got back from Florida!  Had a great time swimming and getting some sun!  I also got a dog named Brillo a few days before I left out for vacation.  He is a dachshund mix and is a very good and active dog.  He is helping to get me back into shape by getting me up in the morning to go walk him while I also have to walk him in the evening.  It feels good to get a break, get out of town and just refresh myself with a vacation.  It makes you better able to work when you get back and you are ready to work.  So, I am looking forward to this weekend to performing at my restaurants.  I hope everybody is having a great week!  Later!

Jul 11

Planning Facebook Page

By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

Been talking to a marketing firm who I have hired to do my monthly newsletter.   My plans are to hire this firm as soon as I can to set up a great Facebook page.  Hopefully, some good promotions can be ran off the Facebook page as well as give some of my Facebook fans a chance to interact with me.

Also fixing to go and pick up some relatives who are flying down from the state of Vermont.  It will be good to see them again!  We got a week planned for going out to vacation and have fun!  Anyway, it’s about time for me to close this blog post (and I am on vacation anyway) so you guys have an awesome evening!

Jul 10


By Davenport Magical Entertainment, L.L.C. | Atlanta Magician

My new dog is keeping me busy, plus getting ready for my relatives to fly down from Vermont tomorrow.  It’s been a long day!  Got the oil changed in my car as well.  My new dog, Brillo, rides pretty well in the car.  He has been an outstanding dog and is very well behaved.  Couldn’t have asked for a better pet!  Plus, I have been taking some time out today to visit with some of my fellow veterans on Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America!  It’s always good to talk with my fellow vets.  We are very supportive of each other.  Well, time for me to get some sleep!  Later!